Podcast Episode #17 – The Power of Our Words – Part 2

Marissa Rice-2

Our words play such a powerful presence in our lives, but how often do we realized the person who is talking to us the most is US! Self-talk can uplift or tear down. Listen in and see how to encourage our own self-talk!

Marissa Rice #17



I hope you are encouraged! Make sure to join next week for part 3 of our Power Words conversation!




2 Comments on “Podcast Episode #17 – The Power of Our Words – Part 2

  1. I love the SOS reminder. Also a very good point about not saying things to yourself that you don’t want your kids to repeat. Or that you would be like mortified if they did repeat what you tell yourself. That’s a big one.

    • YES! Totally! It is a daily reminder for me too haha!

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