Anyone else feeling like they need a pick me up?


Hey Friends!!! I have entered this beautiful but tiring seasons of the last stretch towards delivery! I have found myself excitingly in the 3rd trimester of baby number 5, looking at the finish line ahead makes me so nervously anxious! I struggle with being tired, huge, hungry, sleepless and more! So I decided I needed a pick me up with fall approaching and the season of Raspberry Tea coming (hahah)!

I wanted to share with you a couple affordable pick me ups that I choose to enjoy in this season! (Warning these little items that have brightened my days are NOT just for pregnant people, but it is helpful to getting anyones minds on the right track!)

13460X: Rejoice In the Lord Mug Rejoice In the Lord Mug
Rejoice in the Lord. Philippians 4:4This verse reminds me of all the wonderful reasons I have to REJOICE right now!!!! Take each day and thought captive and REJOICE!

Here is another verse that has been my verse in moments of deep waters, whether that has been in the waiting until baby arrives, LABOR, or post babies arrives. But this verse speaks truth no matter what seasons you are you:

046654: Trust In God, Mug

Trust In God, Mug

When you pass through deep waters I’ll be with you

 Trust in God 

Isaiah 43:2

I also decided that it was time for some color and inspiration so I found this super cute Bible to give me some new life both in the words of truth and the motivation to dig into some personal time with God. (As a confession time, with the world going the way it is a have a smallish obsession with buying Bibles. There now you know another random fact about me haha.)

553196: ESV Journaling Bible (Autumn Song), Multicolor ESV Journaling Bible (Autumn Song), Multicolor

Look how cute it is! The sweet bird and ability to take notes on the side of the Bible fits perfectly for this season of life.

Last latest inspirational pick me up is an AMAZING book that is such a great, quick, easy but INSPIRINGLY read:

798850: Encountering Our Wild God: Ways to Experience His Untamable Presence Every Day Encountering Our Wild God: Ways to Experience His Untamable Presence Every Day

By Kim Meeder / Chosen Books

God isn’t calling us to understand him—he wants us to fully trust him! Sharing miraculous true stories of lives transformed by the unstoppable, unfathomable, and untamable Holy Spirit, Meeder offers practical ways to pursue the Lord beyond our circumstances, emotions, and logic—because that’s where we’ll find the glorious mystery of his limitless nature.


I can’t even say enough good things about this book! It is a must have in all seasons of life!!

All the the links will bring you to, if you chose to enjoy one of these items and purchase it, RaisingRices will use the NO EXTRA COST to you blessing to support those in our RaisingRices community! To God be the Glory!



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