Seminary on the Horizon

The Rice family has some exciting news to share!!! Normally I (Marissa) am the author of our blog post but today we have some excited news to share from my hubby (Darren) From Darren: Throughout life there is opportunity for choices, some choices change…


PODCAST – Catechism #5 – Question #5

Motivation Monday! Welcome! We are so excited to take some time with you all today to look at what it means to bring our foundation Christian faith into our conversation and application in our households! Join us today as talk about ideas to incorporate…

December Scripture Reading – Day 7

Join us as we are reading through scripture preparing our households hearts for Christmas!


December Scripture Reading – Day 5

Join us as we are reading scripture that takes less then 3 minutes to read through with your households as we prepare for CHRISTMAS!!!!


December Scripture Reading – Day 4

Join us why we are reading through scripture to ready our households hearts for Christmas!!! We are on day 4 jump on it and join us!


December Scripture Reading – Day 3

Join us as we are reading scripture this month in preparations for celebrating Christ’s birth!


December Scripture Reading – Day 2

Join us as we enter into this special season with scripture reading! Less the 3 minutes a day! Set you and your family on the right path: the path of truth!


December Scripture Reading – Day 1

Join us as we read scripture, preparing our households hearts for the celebration of Jesus’s birth 🙂

Today is DAY 1 YAY!!! Join us!


RaisingRices Artisan Bread “Jesus Bread”

If you guys have been following RaisingRices on Facebook or Instagram @RaisingRices, you would have seen our “Jesus Bread.” This artisan bread has been a staple in our home. In fact we make this bread at least twice a week (and sometimes more!) This is…

PODCAST- Wisdom Wednesday #6

We are so excited to share with you here on Wisdom Wednesday some ideas and way to serve our households better for God’s Glory! Join us as we weekly find ways to “level-up” our households. LISTEN HERE: We welcome you all to jump on here…

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