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Podcast Episode #1 – Don’t wait until it is too late! The Time is NOW!

Doesn’t it always feel like we have an excuse for not being in God’s word? What I have found is that my excuses change from season to season. Well I am ready for a change! How about you!? Listen in on todays Podcast (or read the script below) and lets be REAL about the struggles but let us also move past that and into the CHANGE!

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Welcome Friends, I am so glad you all are able listen in today. I believe we are all on a journey of discovery. Discovery of who God is, who we are, what roles we play, and it is exciting and frustrating that every season of life presents new opportunities to learn, discover and grown. My current season of life involves: 4 children age 4 and under, marriage to a wonderful man for coming up on 8 years, manager of our household which includes: cleaning, cooking, and keeping alive our chickens and dogs. And if I was honest I would say that while I list out my roles and responsibilities the one I find so hard to pursue during my season of life due to a lack of time is: my relationship with God the father. Truly I desire for him to be my #1 in: focus, time, energy, and passion, but boy oh boy am I good at coming up with excuses for making Him not number #1.

In fact I distinctly remember myself saying these phases (and maybe you can relate):

“oh when I get out on my own I will have the time and space to create a devotional war room I will spend more time in prayer.”


“Once I am married my husband and I will spend so much time together reading the scripture and praying.”


“When I start have kids I will be leading morning devotions, praying all day, teaching his wisdom, so I will be in the word more.”

OR my most recent excuse:

“When my kids are a little older, I will have more energy because we will be sleeping more, and I will wake up early and spend time with God.”

Hear me please when I say it is OK to look forward to the future but what I was realizing in myself is that as I look forward to what comes in the future I am not living in the moment. I am not using my time to pursue and be engaged in important elements because I tell myself “oh no worries we will do this in the future.”

Lets look at what we are missing out on when we do this to ourselves:

  • We cant be like Jesus if we don’t spend time with Jesus
  • We cant be wholly satisfied because Jesus is the only one that can truly satisfy
  • We create division and separation from God our Father
  • We are not setting the example for those in our life who are “watching”
  • We are spiritually battling without our sword, the word of God, so we are going to battle unprepared
  • We can get sucked into the secular worldview of life, instead of a biblical worldview
  • And this goes on and on

If you would you like to know why, listing out what we are missing when we don’t engage in our Savior, the reason for this list is I have experienced sadly the results of excuses; thus the list. Reflecting on time when I provide excuses for myself, I look at the fruits I see in my life are they are dead, they are non-existent.

So convincingly I tell myself: NO MORE! Stop with the excuses! Lets do this!

Ok so what do we do: Here’s the plan for myself and some additional ideas for those of you that might need a boost.

BUT! what I am learning is .. Life is a series of seasons .. and if I fall into the comparison trap to measure someone else’s time with Jesus against my own I am missing the point. Because time with Jesus is going to look different for me from season to season and for others from season to season. I heard a quote, “PURSUIT, NOT PERFECTION, IS THE POINT!” Therefore as we go through the ideas we need to figure out what is best for our lives the seasons we are in and what we can commit to. All with the bottom line of pursuing our Savoir.

If we look at the story of Mary and Martha in LUKE 10, we see 2 sisters, when Jesus visits them Mary sits at his feet soaking in every word that comes from His mouth. Her sister Martha is the in the kitchen: preparing dinner, cleaning the dishes, being a hostess to Jesus and is disciples, changing a poopy diaper (oops wait just kidding that is my life right now) but as I have discovered my season of life feels similar to Martha. So when Jesus comes to her to encourage .. I feel as if He is talking to me when he says in Luke 10:41-42 “ Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but there is only one thing worth being concerned about.” That is Jesus.

See Jesus desire to spend time with us, and when we do: we hear from Him, learn from Him and as a result be MORE like him! The GREAT news is Jesus’s love for US is not affected by our quiet times. 2 Timothy 2:13 says “if WE are faithless, HE remains faithful” God is not a record keeper! Thank goodness!

So strategies for sitting at the feet of Jesus and soaking it is are:

  1. Making it a priority! My season is BUSY but as we look at our schedule we need to decide what matters more? For myself I am ready to commit to waking up an hour earlier, I get to have my time with God, check over my day, see my husband before he leaves, and be ready for my children when they wake up. (seems like a win-win but I am not going to lie it has been a STRUGGLE to wake up!)
  2. Being consistent! Life happens and I am prepared for the possibility of my goal of waking up earlier not working everyday BUT there is something to be said about showing up EVERY DAY. So finding another time. Remembering I am in a relationship and relationships need commitment of TIME, CONSITENTLY, and PURSUIT!
  3. Having a Passionate Pursuit! I think it is hard because of our sinful nature we tend to view spending time with God as a chore, or a box to check of the list. God wants to spend time with us but he also wants our hearts to be in the right place. When I look at see the fruits of my pursing God I see the person I desire to be.

The Answer to our excuses for not spending time with God isn’t just making it a priority and being consistent but we also HAVE to have our hearts right with God. We have to re-examine what things we are still holding to instead of laying it at the feet of Jesus.  And when we do our passionate pursuit becomes our driving force to our relationship with Christ.

SO figure what works best for you and your season. Maybe that is in the morning, or maybe during your lunch break, or perhaps at night when the kids go to bed. There are so many recourse out there for different stages of our lives as well!

Some members of my family are listening to the Daily Audio Bible . com there is an app for on-the-go as well! I am excited to try this option during my morning devotions.

So join me we set aside our excuses and passionately pursue Father God.


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