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Darren and I have taken a step of faith and decided to lead the Family Ministries at our local church. Our church (The Chapel) instead of having “Children Ministries” we have decided that since the structure laid out Biblically is that the family through the parents are a critical and commissioned role in the training and discipling of their children, we have created a ministry called “Family Ministries” which is all about supporting and encouraging the “Building of Households That Serve The Lord.” This is taken directly from Joshua 24:15, where the famous saying, “…. as for me and my household we will serve the LORD”  is found.

What do we do in “Family Ministries?” We work hard to provide resources to families to lead their families. During service on Sundays we have multiple ways this looks: we do family worship where are all the family sits together (all ages), we provide classes on Sundays in which we are starting a study on 52 catechisms of the Christian Faith, and every other month we provide an ALL family Sunday service where we teach and train the children to be in the “big” church. There are other resources we provide like time for moms and kids to encourage each other, Titus 2 approach to young men and women, and marriage groups to name a few.

Let us break down how the first three look.


We strongly believe that worshiping together has several benefits, by worshipping together children have the opportunity to learn from our example as parents and from others in the body of Christ. Second our songs of worship are teaching doctrine and faith to our children. We should welcome them as part of our worship and teaching the same way Jesus did.


What is Catechism?

Answer: A summary of the principles of our faith in the form of questions and answers.

Can you picture this, your son or daughter (or even you!) are hanging out with a friend and they ask a question about what we believe and WHY!? Are you prepared to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15)? That can be really tough if we are not prepared. So this year we are preparing households (parents, kids, singles, marrieds, grandparents … EVERYONE) to be ready with an answer for what we believe!

We will have so many resources that we will be sharing here on the Blog and Podcast. On Monday’s will come out with a Blog and Podcast with the Catechism of the week it will have the question, answer, and scriptural support. As well as, a podcast talking about ideas on how to implement conversations ideas into your family bible time about the catechism that the kids are learning. Lastly, we will be reminding you if the FREE app that can be download called NewCityCatechism which has MANY more resources including a SONG to help remember the Catechism (Question and Answer of the Week).


We believe that this provides a great opportunity for families to have fruitful discussions about a common message or teaching that they heard together. We also believe that children should learn that they are an important part of the body of Christ, and that if we want them to grow in spiritual maturity they should be exposed to and around other followers of Christ and teachings that will stretch and grow that maturity. While they might not comprehend everything yet they will understand more and more from the adult teaching as they grow.

Stay Tuned Will We Be Starting The First Week in October!

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Raising Households that Serve the Lord! Our goal is that through family focused intentionality, legacy minded thinking, and being rooted in Christ, that we would lead our family to serve the LORD! Joshua 24:15

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