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Thanks for listening in today as Darren and I talk about ideas in where we want to encourage households to serve the LORD using their BEST! So join us as we work on “leveling-up” our households!


GUYS! GUESS WHAT!? We will be back on Monday with some foundation truths for the Christian Faith! Join us as we work towards finding ways to bring those truths into conversations and activities during out days discipling our households!

Are You Buying Toxic Baby Food??

Are You Buying Toxic Baby Food???

I can’t believe what I read in the News this week about store bought baby food! Even if you don’t have a need for baby food anymore it is important to be knowledgeable about what is going on so we can support and help others around us. Reminder this life we live, is not meant to be alone, we crave community, mentorship, and relationship and here is an opportunity to walk along others in this stage.

“Toxic heavy metals damaging to your baby’s brain development are likely in the baby food you are feeding your infant”

“Tests of 168 baby foods from major manufacturers in the US found 95% contained lead, 73% contained arsenic, 75% contained cadmium and 32% contained mercury. One fourth of the foods contained all four heavy metals.”

“One in five baby foods tested had over 10 times the 1-ppb limit of lead endorsed by public health advocates, although experts agree that no level of lead is safe.”



You guys I was shocked! When I was making baby foods (before we did baby led weaning), I seriously made it because it was just more convenient for me, WAY cheaper, and I knew what was going into my baby.

Hear me friends: THERE IS NOT SHAME OR CONDEMNATION if you did or do store bought baby food! I just didn’t even know and felt I needed to share with you all. Part of me thinks well “DUH” this is happening and another part of me is still in shock.

So, I wanted to provide to you a few basically easy steps for encouragement if you want to make your own baby food, while using equipment you have at home. My personal experience is using “baby food making equipment” actually didn’t work as well as just using the equipment you have at home.

When do I start feeding my baby foods?

They say you can start around 4-6 months. We always chose to start around 6 months. But a rule of thumb I always heard is when they can sit up, good head control, and reaching for food by themselves is a good indicator that is time to start foods. Also another common expression that has helped me in my food introduction and baby eating time. “FOOD BEFORE ONE IS JUST FOR FUN!” Meaning when you are feeding you baby food this should not replace the breast milk/formula they are receiving. Breast Milk/formula comes first then food second. As they get closer to one and more foods are being consumed is when the transition begins.

What foods do I feed my baby first?

Here is a list of great foods to start with:

  • Sweet potato.
  • Banana.
  • Avocado.
  • Apples.
  • Pears.
  • Green beans.
  • Butternut squash

Remembering that some food groups need to come later, for example around a year old: citrus, cow’s milk, strawberries, and corn can be given.

How do I make baby food?

Some foods like avocado and bananas don’t need to be cooked, just pureed. Just just a blender to smooth.

Other food like sweet potato, pears, apples, green beans, and butternut squash need to be softened through boiling or steaming. THEN blended to a puree texture. With some thicker foods (like sweet potatoes ) you might have to add water or breast milk to make it a more smooth puree.

This system is a great transition system to whole foods, because as the baby gets used to a smooth texture, you can progressively move more to a thicker consistency

How can I store Pre-made Baby Food?

Here are a few storage tips:

  • Freshly made baby food is safe for up two hours. (However if the room is warmer then 90 degrees F, it is only safe for about an hour)
  • Refrigerated homemade baby food that contains fruits and veggies, it is suggested to use it within 48 hours
  • You can freeze homemade baby food and it can last in the freezer for 1-3 months. (Which is about as long as you need it for until needing to migrate to the next texture.)

More Resources Here:

  • Storing baby food: (source)
  • Baby food recipe for blending foods together (source)
  • Baby foods to try before age 1 (source)

PODCAST- Week #2 Catechism-Question #2

Motivation Monday!

Join us as Darren and I talk through 52 Catechisms of the Christian faith, and how we can encourage families to be talking about and living out the truths of the WORD of GOD! This is a resource for every household, and a way for us to follow up throughout the week on what has been taught and learned on Sundays during class. Follow along with us using The New City Catechism!

Listen Here:

Make sure to join us on Wisdom Wednesday as we give tips and tricks to LEVEL up your family!

Haven’t heard of the word Catechism? Here is a definition:

We Believe this is so important for the foundation of our Christian Faith, and there is NO age requirement or restriction! We believe in Raising Households That Serve The Lord, therefore we need build those households members (ALL members!) up in the foundation faith so we can then move into application and apologetics of our faith.

Are You Prepared for Flu Season???

Flu Season is Coming! Everyone RUN AND HIDE!!! But really in all seriousness there are a few things that we can do to prepare for this time.

So here are a few ways we at the Rice family tries to combat and prepare for flu season.


Elderberry contains several healthful immune boosting properties, including antioxidants, tannins, vitamins A, B, and C, and flavonoids, just to name a few. There has been a study to show that elderberry also had treated/cured the flu faster then Tamiflu. (study here.) In addition, in a article on Science Daily it says, “”What our study has shown is that the common elderberry has a potent direct antiviral effect against the flu virus,” said Dr Golnoosh Torabian.”

We have found Elderberry to be very popular in our local area, but one resource we have been getting our Elderberry GUMMIES from is: WILD ROOTS PANTRY. They have some amazing products and use Local ingredients (here in Oregon.)

At Wild Roots Pantry they use no added sugars (thats a PLUS!) which creates the purest form of elderberry syrup available on the market (extra PLUS!). Elderberry is effective on allergies, colds, and flu; also has been proven in its effectiveness in reducing severity of symptoms, as well as reducing length of illness by 2-4 days! (Super PLUS with kids and big families!)

Elderberry is for sure on the item list for helping my family stay healthy this flu season.

For additional resources on Elderberry studies check out: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Wash your Hands

What seems like a “Duh” idea, actually is a huge way to help prevent all sicknesses. But, if you have littles like me, part of you might cringe when you think of all the places that your littles touch! I know I do! So washing your hands is great but to take it another step farther, I like to do two things, I am going to call these sub-categories of “washing-your-hands.”

  1. Teach your older kids to find ways to avoid touching high traffic spots. This is for sure out of the home but also in the home. Wiping down the handles of sink faucets, toilet handles and more can help to not only get germs at bay, but it can alsomake your bathroom nice and ready for the next user.
  2. Clean the door handles. At our house, we do what is called Daily Responsibilities (aka chores, I just like the name change haha, has a better ring and meaning to me). In the fall, one of the jobs is wiping down all the door handles in the house. We have this done at least once a day, each kid getting a turn. Our home is a high traffic home, with the number of living members and having an open door policy, as we LOVE to bring people into our home. Therefore wiping the door handles helps to keep germs away from our family and others.

Start Healthy

It is important in preventing sickness to start the season healthy and make have healthy choices. Elements like getting enough rest (Huge! Especially for busy families!), eating healthy foods, and getting enough fluids to help your body be healthy when it runs into germs. And here is the hard one for us exercise. The reason I say it is hard, is because fall is upon us so less time outside playing, running around, and getting that “easy” exercise in. So creativity is the name of the game when it comes to family exercise during the fall and winter season. Exercise helps by sending white blood cells around the body to find those germ intruders and stop them in their tracks! I read, “Rita Beckford, MD, a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise, which also cites studies that show that those who exercise four to five times a week are less likely to get colds or other viruses.” (source)


As my years of motherhood have increased so have my vitamins! We have been working hard to make this habit truly a preventable and healthy lifestyle choice. From doing a small amount of research, I found some fascinating information. 

Here is a short break down of the illness/disease and deficiency: 

Book source used in graphic: SOURCE, and taken from Dr. Sheri Tennpenny and Suzanne Humphries. In addition please note this is not defending or defusing vaccines, only to show the important of preventative care. Also I know I am from Oregon and so the whole Measles thing can be sensitive but look HERE even the vaccine makers say to treat with Vitamin A!

While below I provide a recommended vitamin list, some vitamins as you can see in the graphic above are SUPER helpful in preventing and fighting flu-like illnesses. 

Vitamin D — I cannot say enough about. Here are some ways to get Vitamin D into your diet: salmon, canned tuna, shrimp, egg yolks, mushroom, and cheese. Also SUNSHINE is great!!! (Living in Oregon can be hard to get throughout the year). Supplements help with making sure we don’t get deficient in Vitamin D. The Mayo Clinic recommends “that adults get at least the RDA of 600 IU. However, 1,000 to 2,000 IU per day of vitamin D, from a supplement is generally safe, should help people achieve an adequate blood level of vitamin D, and may have additional health benefits.” In addition, Kids Health states, 

  • Babies younger than 1 year old need 400 IU of vitamin D a day. Baby formula has 400 IU per liter, so babies who drink at least 32 ounces of formula each day get enough. …
  • Kids older than 1 year need 600 IU or more of vitamin D a day.

Vitamin A is another one that is a common deficiency when it comes to flu-like illnesses. However, have you ever tried to go buy Vitamin A for kids at the store? It is super hard to find. helps explain saying, “Vitamin A supplements are helpful for children who have a vitamin A deficiency. But most healthy, well-nourished kids don’t need supplements. And some kids may be getting too much vitamin A — consuming excessive levels of preformed vitamin A in liver, dairy products, fish oil, multivitamins, and certain vitamin-fortified foods.” Two main sources of vitamin A are animal and plant. (source

If you are focusing on a healthy balanced diet vitamin A will be more than covered. says, “kids eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein to obtain adequate nutrition. These foods contain all of the necessary nutrients for proper growth and development in children. Overall, kids who eat a balanced diet that includes all food groups don’t usually need vitamin or mineral supplements.”

Lets take a quick look at what kinds of vitamins we should make sure are getting into our kiddos diet: 


Here are a few graphics to help make sure you are having well balanced meals that are including all the vitamins covered:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Essentials Oils

After we had our first kid, something changed in our view of what we put in our house. From what we used to clean with, what smells we had in our house, ways we chose to keep healthy, EVERYTHING CHANGED! (Isn’t funny how having kids can make you think so differently.)

There is so many ways we use oils in our house but lets stick to the topic at hand: FLU SEASON! Here are some practical ways we use our oils for preventing and healing from illness. 

Diffuse!!! We diffuse constantly to help clean the air! It super helps with a family of 7 (plus two dogs!)  …. Need a diffuser???? Head on over HERE**

**** I would like to remind if you haven’t heard before, for ALL essentials oils: avoid using a cold diffuser that runs continuously. Young Living diffusers have a set amount of time before turning off. Long-term, on-going exposure (e.g 45-60 minutes) to any essential oil stresses the liver’s detoxification pathways, particularly for young children. 

Another way we use our oils for both parents and kiddos is STEAMY BATHWATER (or SHOWER). 

Need some oils, head over HERE**

 ANOTHER one of my husband’s favorite essential oil flu prevention is: Massaging in oils to the head, neck, and feet. I mean who wouldn’t like that (I say that sarcastically because anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like massages lol silly me).

Same oils as above and I would add Thieves! Are GREAT for rubbing on your feet before bed, and your spine! Darren says don’t for get the back too!

This next one is a MAKE or BREAK for us in during the flu season and that is we get a large bowl of hot water, for steam inhalation along with a few of essential oils. Our favorites are Lemon, Peppermint, and Thieves. Don’t forget to close your eyes 😉 For more effectiveness we put a a towel over our heads, making a tented area with the steam and our faces. And be prepared to CLEAR our your sinus! (Great for allergies too). We don’t use the towel technique with the kiddos. 

Again IF you are interested we love our essential oils and HERE is a place you can snag some!


Here is a small break down of some essential oils and their helpfulness in preventing the flu:

Oils and their Benefits

lemon clears your nasal passages and allows for steady breathing
lavender relieves stress, fatigue, depression, and headaches
peppermint reduces coughs, sinusitis, and throat infections
thyme has antibacterial activity to help fight respiratory infections
eucalyptus reduces fevers and fights viruses
tea tree oil inhibits bacteria and fights infections
chamomile relieves cold and flu symptoms
clove (eugenol) has antiviral and antifungal properties to clean surfaces or air
cinnamon can clean surfaces or air
rosemary is a nontoxic way to clean surfaces or air

We are in the battle field right along with you, SO if you have any tips and tricks you have implemented into your household, we would LOVE to hear from you!!!!


*FDA disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.”

**I am not a medical professional, just a momma who through the Grace of God tries my very best to help my kiddos through prayer, vitamins and essential oils. Please consult your doctor before using essential oils!

***The links to Young Living Essential Oils is our direct link to purchase, there is NO extra cost to you, but helps our family continue to spread the message of Raising households that serve the LORD, so thank you!


Additional Sources:

Motivational Monday! – Fighting Ageism

Darren and I feel so strongly that we are called to love and disciple ALL ages. Join us today while we talk about the importance of the fight against ageism.

Listen here:

Make sure to stop back by on Wednesday for our Wisdom Wednesday podcast where we talk about tips and ideas to help “level-up” you families!

Mission: Raising households that Serve the LORD!!

Fighting Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)

Hey guys! We are heading out of a week of having Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. This isn’t our first encounter with the illness but it can be a scary thing when you don’t know what to do and feel helpless. So I wanted to provide you all with a few things I have learned in the process. (Something I WISH I had when I found out about this common childhood illness!)

Here is some background on our experience first: when my oldest was about one we had our first awareness of this disease. We saw a few red small dots around her hands and feet, we had no idea what it was. Soon we learned it was HFM (Hand Food and Mouth Disease). It was super mild (HFMD can appear in different levels). It went away quickly with some supports mentioned below.

The second experience was with a group of young kids we were doing school activities with. It was amazing to me how long the disease could remain contagious before systems show. Unfortunately to share this was the time I saw first hand how FAST this disease can spread.

Here is a few answered questions on HFMD:

What is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease? it is a common children’s virus causing sores in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet. (BUT ALSO you can find it in the back of the throat, and in the diaper area).

How long does it last? It is “short-term” and can resolve within days to weeks.

  • Here is the general break down: 3-5 days after viral invasion the first symptoms may appear (you are contagious during this time, some symptoms can include: fever, poor appetite, runny nose and sore throat.) Also you are most contagious during the first week of the illness, however, you can remain contagious for weeks after the symptoms go away. Some people, especially adults, may not develop any symptoms, but they can still pass the viruses to others. 
  • It usually takes 3 to 6 days for symptoms to appear. The first symptom is usually fever, followed by sore throat and lack of appetite. Then, painful mouth sores develop, followed by a rash on the hands and feet.
  • Recovery typically takes 7 to 10 days, but the virus can remain in the body for weeks after symptoms are gone.

What age range is this common childhood illness? It is most common in children under the age of 5. Yet, some adults do get it.

What are the Symptoms to look for?

    • Fever
    • Poor Appetite
    • Sore Throat
    • Headache
    • Irritability
    • Red blisters in the Mouth
    • Red Rash on the Hands and Soles of the Feet

A fever and sore throat are usually the first symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease. The characteristic blisters and rashes show up later, usually one or two days after the fever begins

How can I get it? It’s most often spread through contact with an infected person‘s saliva, throat discharge, stool, blister fluid, or nasal secretions. It can also be transmitted through contact with contaminated objects such as doorknobs, toys, and toilet handles. Here is a crazy fact: children with hand, foot, and mouth disease may shed the virus from the respiratory tract (nose, mouth and lungs) for 1-3 weeks and in the stool for weeks to months after the infection starts.

If my child gets it what can I do? Even though there is no “treatment” for HFM but below there are a lot of ways to support your child and your family through this time:


  • Change clothes as soon as you get home, and throw in the wash. (This is most helpful if you know you have been where there is HFMD)
  • Dehydration is something that presents a problem due to the sores makes it difficult and painful to swallow so more liquids the better. Warm tea can be helpful. Also some recommend sucking on ice or popsicles. Eating ice cream helpful in soothing along with the cream base, you want to avoid citrus, spicy and salty (also fruit drinks and soda).
  • Good Hygiene, it is the best prevention and defense against HFMD. WASH HANDS, all the time! Not just after using the restroom, it can help greatly reduce your risk of contracting this virus. SOAP SOAP SOAP 😉 Side Note: work hard at not touching your eyes, nose or mouth during this time.
  • Keep socks on infected kiddos to help not spread illness on floor (You can use Salve Recipe below before putting socks on. Another sock tip, if there is a fever, put Salve on the bottom of feet then wet socks on, then another pair of dry socks on over before nap or bed times.
  • Cleaning surfaces with soap and water,then with diluted solution of bleach and water. Also disinfect toys, pacifiers (binkys), and other items that come in contact with the virus. Clean door handles and high traffic places clean regularly.
  • Stay home! It helps your family get well and not spread to others. Even if you have come in contact and no symptoms yet you could still have the virus.
  • Rest is super important, so while you are stay home work hard to rest all members of the family.
  • For infants who are breast feed: Studies show that exclusive breastfeeding (only feeding breast milk) can shield your infant from getting HFMD as well as other viral infections.
  • Taking Probiotics can be helpful during HFMD, try to take DAILY
  • Echinacea is good to take after coming in contact or showing symptoms
  •  VITAMIN D! through sun or vitamins. (good for prevention and if you have HFMD)
  • ELDERBERRY! It is amazing to help prevent and treat HFMD! We buy ours here: (
  • Eat Nutrient-dense food and foods high in antioxidants
  • Drink Bone Broth Daily
  • Eat garlic
      • I make my own salve for kids Recipe blow (I wish I learned this earlier in the process but better late then never)

        Recipe for HFMD Kids Salve**

      • 4 Tbsp fractionated coconut oil
      • 5 Drops Tea Tree Oil
      • 5 Drops Lavender
      • 4 Drops Lemon
      • 4 Drops Frankincense
        • Swirl gently together, best in an amber container if you can.
        • Application: put a thin layer on feet, hands or other EXTERNAL effected areas (NOT for sores in mouth). Apply a few times a day. Side note: I would use a spray bottle to avoid contamination.
        • This Salve can help sooth blisters and help dry them up quicker.
        • IF you need a place to buy your oils I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Young Living, so many reasons why but, this is not the blog for that hahah, anywhoo click HERE!!!

  • Here is another WEBSITE that has some AMAZING recipes for HFMD
    • Herbal Healing Popsicles for HFMD
    • Healing Herbal Fever-Fighter Tea for HFMD
    • Herbal Mouthwash for HFMD
  • And Most IMPORTANTLY PRAYER I am purposely posting this step last because I want it to be last on your mind so it can be first in your steps to do. This time can be very trying, mentally, physical, emotionally and spiritually. We must rely on God to give us the strength to make it through this time when our kids are hurting and we might be in physically poor shape along with them. May I pray for you now, after going through this myself I believe in the power of prayer and community supporting each other through this time.

“Dear Lord, we thank You for Your healing power! We pray that Your Will would be done in this time of need. We cry out for comfort and peace for our children and family during this time. May we lean on You for your strength . Thank you for Your gift of grace to us and we pray in all we do (even during this trying time) that it will bring Glory to You Father God! In Your powerful name we pray, AMEN!

Dear friend I know this time can be confusing and nerve-wracking, my hope is to provide knowledge to you from what I have learn to support you during this time! I will be praying for you!

Additional Random Information about HFMD:

  • DO NOT POP THE BLISTERS! They are not a zit, they will heal on their own.
  • You can return to school or other community places after the fever is gone, and blisters have dried up.
  • You can contract HFMD through swimming pools etc if you swallow the water that has been infected.
  • You can get HFMD through close contact such as kissing, hugging, or sharing cups and eating utensils
  • There is no cure or vaccine for HFMD

Here are a few photos of my kiddos when they got HFMD, we had a milder case then other of my sweet friends who have had it before. However, since it was mild the pictures online were hard for me to connect to my experience so here are some photos that may or may not help you:


Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – Symptoms, Prevention and Home Treatment

*FDA disclaimer: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.”

**I am not a medical professional, just a momma who through the Grace of God tries my very best to help my kiddos through prayer, vitamins and essential oils. Please consult your doctor before using essential oils!

PODCAST – Week #1 Catechism

Motivation Monday!

Join us as Darren and I talk through 52 Catechisms of the Christian faith, and how we can encourage families to be talking about and living out the truths of the WORD of GOD!


Make sure to join us on Wisdom Wednesday as we give tips and tricks to LEVEL up your family!

Myths about Homeschooling!!

I had the opportunity to share on Facebook about homeschooling and about a statement I hear all the time when I tell people I homeschool, “I don’t have enough patience to homeschool.” As a mom of 5 and a homeschooling momma I cant not tell how crazy this statement makes me feel. You made have heard this comment before or said it yourself, I know I feel like I don’t have enough patience EVERYDAY so I have said it myself!!! So I wanted to share four MYTHS about homeschooling, and work towards debunking some of these misconceptions.

1. You have to have EXTRA patience to homeschool, and some people are not equipped with that kind of patience. Well friends, I am here today to tell you that this statement is COMPLETELY FALSE!!! I know this to be true because I STRUGGLE GREATLY with patience, I am not a patient person. I believe that God has called our family to homeschool NOT because we have extra patience but actually because we are in NEED of GROWING our patience. You know that common joking reminder to people, that if they pray for patience they will not receive patience but instead receive opportunity to grow their patience. That is how I believe homeschooling is, we are  NOT equipped with MORE patience but we GROW in our patience.

2. Everyone who homeschool thinks that the public school systems and teachers are EVIL. This is completely FALSE! In fact, I was a fifth grade elementary teacher in the public school system before I had kiddos and got the chance to be a stay-at-home-momma, so I can tell you loud and clear that this is FALSE! I have met some amazing teachers, assistants, administration, coaches, janitors, and more! I have met people who view the profession as their ministry and feel called to serve the youth of our community! They are truly amazing individuals and are not evil in the slightest. Of course though we are sinful people living in a fallen world so there are some people, teachers and students who are not so great and are not mission-minded, and who live out their sinful desires. Unfortunately that is the reality we live in. So while this is completely false and a myth that we believe the public school system is evil, we also are passionate about the opportunity to be the ones who are the biggest influence on our kids as they are being educated. We as the parents get to be the ones to teach them in a controlled setting while they are young so we can teach, train and disciple. THEN as they grow and are equipped we get to send them out, as we are biblically called to. In fact, as we disciple our kiddos we get to train them to have a biblical worldview which is not the worldview that is accepted in our current age, and what is not being taught in the school system even with the most mission-minded teachers, because to be blunt they could loose their job if they did. My husband and I, through lots of conversation and prayer have decided that the best way for our family to teach a biblical worldview is to do it at home through homeschooling. Does this mean this is not possible to do for those who go to school? ABSOLUTELY FALSE,  YOU CAN STILL TEACH A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW!! But, Darren and I feel like it is just more difficult to do it when they are out of the house for 6-8 hours in the day being taught a non-biblical worldview, it is just simply hard to find intentional time when they are with you. (BUT DON’T GIVE UP IF YOU ARE NOT HOMESCHOOLING IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU CAN NOT ESTABLISH A WORLDVIEW! JUST GET CREATIVE AND INTENTIONAL!) 

3. The homeschoolers think that they have a better education and are smarter then public schoolers. This is simply NOT TRUE! The truth is that the public school system has some amazing resources, and some REALLY intelligent teachers in their specialties! In fact, Darren (my hubby) was homeschooled the whole way through from kindergarten to High School and can attest that he was so grateful to his parents for homeschooling but there are things he could have been “smarter” in if he went to school, but at the end of the day we all can’t excel in everything, and he got so many opportunities to do other things like: music, swimming, traveling, cooking, gardening, biblical studies, leading, serving, family relationships and more because he was homeschooled. Here is the other MAJOR factor is that each kiddos is DIFFERENT! They each have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore we are each going to do well in some subjects and not well in others. Both homeschooling parents and public school parents should strive out best to work to NOT comparing our kiddos to others kiddos (easier said than done, I KNOW). Our passion to be raising households that serve the LORD, and help each kiddos to reach their potential that allows them to do this!

4. Homeschool kids are not socialized. (You knew this one was coming right!) Rest assured my friends this is FALSE!! While this was a concern before and could be still a concern today, I would like to point out that this is a concern regardless of educational choices! There are students who I went to school with (I was public school educated) that people were worried  about their “awkwardness” “shyness” “quirkiness” and at the same time Darren (who was homeschooled) saw the same in the homeschooled world. The truth is like I mentioned above we are ALL made differently and while some are outgoing, some are not, and while some are awkward some are … wait …. we are all awkward have you forgotten your middle school teenage years already? If you have, let me remind you: WE. WERE. ALL. AWKWARD!!! Because we were figuring life out! Let’s all give some grace!! I will note that I am super grateful for all the community building opportunities we have now that those before us didn’t have. Homeschoolers today have co-ops, organized homeschool learning groups, the ability to do public sports, online charter schools, social media homeschool momma/kid meet us and more! SERIOUSLY this is such a blessing to us who get the opportunity to homeschooling but desire to walk this journey with others! Bottom line: if you are awkward your kids will probably be awkward because you are socializing your kids to yourself NO MATTER IF THEY ARE HOMESCHOOLED OR NOT! You are helping develop their tastes, interest, likes and dislikes. You are the ones presenting the options of what to watch, do, read, etc. So we ALL should be concerned about socializations. Alright, did I cover and say enough about socialization? Kids = Awkward and we socialize our kids to ourselves regardless of education so really We = Awkward.

I’m sure there are more myths out there just waiting to be debunked but these are my top 4! I want to end by sending so much love and GRACE! If you are currently homeschooling:

If you are not homeschooling but are interested, PLEASE reach out if you have questions. It can be intimidating! But remember this you are not alone, there are so many resources out there and God will equip you not always the way you want Him to but I believe He desires to show and lead you in this journey.

IF YOU DON’T HOMESCHOOL please hear me LOUD and CLEAR: I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE LOVED! THERE IS NO JUDGMENT OR CONDEMNATION! Parenting is hard, but we are commissioned by God to pray and make the best decision for our family. So I would encourage you as parents sit down (or better yet go on a date) and talk about your education decisions for your family. AND if public school is what you both through prayer think is best then guess what: YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT CHOICE!!! Let the Holy Spirit convict you and guide you in the path of His righteousness! This parenting journey is hard (I KNOW IT!) and we are here for you on this walk!

Here is some fun memes… #sorrynotsorry couldn’t help it 😉