Podcast #4 – Breakdown of an Intentional Month (Part 2)

Marissa Rice

Listen in for the way we break down our intentional month into manageable daily, weekly, and monthly activities!

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Provided below are the notes on todays podcast 🙂

Hey Friends! Thanks for stopping by today on the RaisingRice’s Podcast. If you joined in last week, you have heard about Darren and I’s vision for purposeful and intentional family time this year, 2018. We went over lots of ways that our family intends to be purposeful every month. But now it is time for the breakdown. We must look at what actually transpires week to week. In order that might obtain our goals we need to start at the foundation.

Knowing that I can not possibility get everything in everyday I started looking at the week at a glance. I asked myself what things do I want to get in EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK, and the things that will be once a month.

Remembering that this year I was ready to have a commitment to change I wanted to include the following in the daily activities: Devotions with mom everyday, School in the form of preschool for my 4 year old. (which tends to happen 4 times a week), daily responsiblies for the kids and mom, and morning jobs. I felt like this was a good place to could start on the daily activities. So what do those look like?

When my oldest was 2 and I had a newborn I decided I wanted to create a morning jobs list for her. It originally started to help my sanity when I was nursing Noah in the morning and needing something to help keep Madeline occupied. So I made her a sheet that had all pictures of what I wanted her to do as her morning jobs, like taking off her PJ’s and putting them in the laundry basket and going to the bath room, things like that. After I saw her capability I was shocked because I didn’t think she could do it but she could and she did and I learned not to under estimate my kids. While we have had morning jobs for each of our kids once they turn one ish since then it has changed its structure a lot. And we are in a transition of change again. This season of change, each kid has a list of morning jobs while mom is making breakfast and feeding baby, and for each job that is completed with a happy heart they get a colored popsicle stick and at the end of the week they get to turn their sticks in for a special activity or dessert treat.

Devotions with mom everyday: I decided to try out the 24 family ways but Clay Clarkson. This devotion series I like for several reasons. One: it can be short or elaborate based on the age of your kiddos, Two: the lay out of the devotions is something that works with my vision for devotions with mom. It has a family way, here is an example #6 says, “We serve one another, humbly thinking of the needs of others first.” Then within the family ways it has ARTS (A.R.T.S) to do every day for 5 days. A standing for Ask a Question, There are two questions provided each day, an example being, “Describe a time when someone was looking out for you and helped you unexpectedly.” Then R stands for Read the bible, it provided a longer section of reading from the bible along with the key verse from that section. T stands for Talk about it. Which is again questions to be asked based on the bible reading that was just read aloud. And lastly S stands for Speak to God, in this section is where you get to pray as a family and it provided you with 3 different starting prayer ideas for your family. The other element to this devotional guide I selected for my mommy devotion time is you can purchase coloring books that aline with the family ways which would help if you kids are varying ages.

As we are all on this journey of discovery what works best for ourselves and for our families. I had originally planned on doing mom MORNING devotions but have recently changed it to Mommy LUNCH devotions. When I started the year off I wanted so bad to do them in the morning, but what I quickly realized for myself is when I was pushing to get them in it was a struggle not to rush my devotional time with the kids due to having to get somewhere, or start school before baby’s nap time, and other things kept popping up. So my wonderful husband suggested that I just try another time of the day. Meal times seem to be a nice centralizing time of the day for us, and meals happen everyday which helps me!

The next element I wanted to include everyday (which has morphed into 4 days a week) is preschool. I know not everyone listening is homeschooling, or has a preschooler. But I think it is important to briefly touch on learning. Learning in the form of helping those in our family learn, and ourselves being life long learners. During my mommies time at church which is a group of moms who get together with our kiddos and spend some time encouraging each other. I am know to make the comments such as, “When I was reading I learned _____” or I was just researching the other day this or I read an inspiring thought, or have you heard of this? See not only do I love learning but it challenges me, stimulates my conversations, and keeps me relevant to those around me. Which makes it all the more important that I am wise with the information I am taking in because it is what helps form my conversations.

On the raisingrices blog page I do from time to time include different activities that we are doing in our preschool time if you are looking for encouragement. And I will note that this is my first homeschooling experience and I am truly loving it, I have learned so much this year about what homeschooling looks like for me, and how different it truly is from public school which is my background. I have change, retried, morfed, added and gotten ride of so much this year and know this will be a constant journey of discovery.

CONFESSION TIME: I dislike cleaning but I love my house to be clean. Anyone else out there like that? Also since we are confessing I will tell you I have tried what feels like a MILLION different plans to accomplish this and so far. One thing I have realized is I need a scheduled structure that has grace and a back up plan. And as much as I dislike cleaning I know that I need to be actively doing something each day. I also need to really look at my heart and my attitude while I am cleaning. Because I have little eyes that are forming their thoughts on what it means and looks like to help be part of a home that pitches in and has responsibilities.

So each day we have Daily responsibilities for both mom and kids.

The kids currently we have as many jobs as their age and they range from responsibilities like helping emptying the dishwasher to checking under the couch for toys to vacuuming to feeding the dogs. And our second youngest who is almost 2 doubles the jobs of his older siblings and does them with them and so learns right along with them.

And this momma has responisbilies as well. However, man oh man I have had to come to my husband and say, “Darren I need help.” He said yes he would help and he has, but the funny thing is until recently his helping wasn’t really helping me because there was not consistently and regularly done responsibilies because he was trying to help where he saw a need. One thing I learned earlier on in our marriage is my idea of getting something done and his idea of getting something done doesn’t always look the same. Neither of our ideas are wrong they are different. So I had to ask him and I to sit and lay out, like physically write out a consistant and scheduled plan. Do I know we are not always going to be consistant and on schedule: YES. But for me this structure has helped.

When we were planning out the responisbilies we first sat and talked about what is important to us to have done, on the daily, weekly and monthly. For example the whole house can be a mess but if my husband comes home and the dishes are done he feels more at peace and content with the mess in the house. This was a revelation because my peace comes from toys off the ground and surface areas cleared. I can have dishes in the house as long as the living space is cleared. Have you asked your spouse what makes a difference to them? Here is another thing I actually learned about myself in the process. I am a lady who LOVES the blinds open, I want to see out and let the sunshine or rainy sunshine in. I want to see nature, it must make me feel not confined inside. But because of this love of open blinds, I also have an obsession with clean windows. Therefore one of the monthly responibilies Darren has volunteered to take on is cleaning the windows.

Now there are a couple weekly commitments we are trying as we continue our purposeful start to the year. And that is Tea time with Mom which the kids and I are doing once a week which includes making a special treat to share and having some purposeful conversations, we are also trying for Family Game nights once a week which I spoke about in a last weeks podcast, and probably the most purpose change we have made that is my kids favorite is Saturday morning breakfast with Dad, Darren pulls out all the options, we have pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and the kids get to help, they just LOVE it because they miss their daddy during the week and this is their special time on Saturday mornings. Truth be told I don’t know who enjoys it more Darren or the kids.

WE are shifting gears for the next cycle of podcast coming up next month which I am looking forward to sharing with you guys! For the next couple of Pod cast we will have some guest speakers. It is going to be very inspiring you will NOT want to miss it!!! So see you next week!


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  1. That’s a great idea to see what is important to the husband. I’m with Darren on the sink and the dishes. I’ll have to ask Josh his opinion. I’m guess it’s the toys put away like you. 🙂

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