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Podcast Episode #13 – Tips and Tricks for Bringing Your Toddlers to Restaurants

Marissa Rice #13

Ever feel crazy at a restaurant with toddlers? WHO HASN’T! But, we have found some helpful tips and tricks to allow for a more enjoyable restaurant experience! I think you will be encouraged!




  1. I totally agree with you on the grape medicine flavor. I also do not like that flavor due to the medicine. That is a great idea for the kids to sit and wait until the mom comes and sits down before the meal. I love that idea. And yes starting early is important. I always talk myself out of it because like you mentioned, I think it’s too early or it may not be successful. But I really ought to do that. And that’s a great app and minded o and that’s a Great reminder to talk about expectations on the way over. It often has a good outcome when you do that. I almost forgot about that aspect. Thanks for the reminder. You have great ideas.

    1. Thank you! And man I am still learning LOTS! Like here is a random thing I learned: The kid straws in kid cups at restaurants are WAY too long hahahah their poor arms can even extend that far haha! So Darren now brings his pocket knife and cuts 1/2 the straw off right when we get them hahaha, probably a littles problem that will solve itself as they get older hahah

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