Podcast Episode #19 – Family Bible Time

Marissa Rice-2

We will be looking at Successful Tips and Tricks for running a family bible time! Listen in I think you will be encouraged!

Marissa Rice #19


Show Notes:

Family Bible Time Resources Blog HERE!!!


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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #19 – Family Bible Time

  1. Question about toddlers: how to respond when they are not being respectful or having good attitudes or things like that? I didn’t want to just stop the Bible time as a punishment but that’s not the right idea either. Ideas? (Text me too please)

    1. GREAT QUESTION! The way my hubby handles it, is he stops and talks to each kid when they are being disrespectful and talks to them about the seriousness of learning God’s word and how we need to respect it. We have done time outs but try to give them because they are not responding to what mommy and daddy have asked (so they get a consequence because of that not because it is bible time) and then we always come back and finish the bible time.

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