WHAT to BUY for BABY?!


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HELP! What do I register for????

I have received so many questions from beautiful mommas to be about what I think they should or should not register for. First let me say, all mommas like different things and find different things that work for them. But I want to provide more information then just that! SO here is a common suggested list of what to register for, along with PICTURES (I got to have pictures I am such a visual learned!) Also if you select any of the pictures it will bring you to amazon so you can get a feel on the prices and features of each item (and color options hehe).

From a mom of 6, here is a breakdown of my favorites based on a recommended Registry List, you will notice my MUST HAVES 🙂 It is ok to feel overwhelmed if this is your first baby you are learning everything for the first time! Have GRACE on yourself! I remember when I was pregnant the first time I had a MILLION TRILLION questions! I was so blessed to have some great moms in my life that showed me what worked for them. Truly everyone does it a little differently but here is a place to start:


Carrier – My favorite is an ERGO! I love it so much, I actually ended up getting 2 as I had more kids! Because you can use them past the new born stage! You can use it FRONT carrying position and BACK carrying position.

Also you will want to grab a newborn insert. I thought with my 10 pound baby I could avoid using it but they feel so much more secure while carrying them around.

Both of these were MUST HAVES for me!

Pack and Play – I have used our pack and play for my kids from birth to 2 years old. We use them as a bassinet in the beginning to sleep in our room with us, then we use them when we are traveling or visiting family, we take it camping with us or a safe place for them to play in the backyard while we are out there, there are lots of reasons to have a pack and play. IN FACT we actually got two, one we got a smaller version called Travel Lite, this pack and a play is slightly smaller, which gave us more room in our bedroom, also has a bassinet feature which allowed us to have it next to our bed.

We also got a “regular” size pack in play which we used in our living space. We could change baby or lay baby in the infant portion while they were young. Which was so helpful since we had dogs so laying on the floor without supervision always made me nervous. We also stored our diapers, wipes etc on the side for ready to use, which allowed us not to have to go up the stairs to change baby.


While this next item is consider a Rock and Play, NOT a pack and play, IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BABY ITEMS! I sadly did not discover this amazing baby item until baby number 3, and I am obsessed! We used it as our bassinet, we brought it camping, it saved us during sleep training when we wanted to go out to friends or families houses, truth be told I have 2 of them because I LOVE them, one up in our room and one in the living room. In fact with baby number 3 and 4 I didn’t even use the pack and play until they were 5 months old and just used the Rock and Play.

The travel lite is a bonus but I think the regular pack and play and the Rock and Play was a MUST HAVE for us since we love to travel, and helped increase safety with our pups. 

Bouncer – Sometimes it is hard to think about babies needing bouncers when they are in our bellies or first born. However it is crazy how fast they grow! Also, what I have found about baby items is that you can tend to use them for only a few short months and it seems like a waste of time and space, (and some are) BUT some items for those few months are a saving grace! We have used several different types of bouncers but if I was to pick my top two these would be them:

I like this Rocker for several reasons, first you can make it stop rocking in case baby is sleeping or for safety reasons. Second it is large enough to go up larger and older babies. This next bouncer is a TRUE bouncer and GREAT for getting little movers a safe stop to move and play and BOUNCE. The biggest con for me is the space it takes up, but as I mentioned above you really only have some items for a season of time.

I would say both of these bouncers I have used and enjoyed but they are must haves, if I was to pick one I would pick the bouncer. You can use the Rock and Play for the same purpose as the Rocker.


I had a really good friend explain something so profound to me when I was looking for carseats. I was so concerned to get one that was SUPER safe for my baby. She said ALL carseats have to go through the same regulations to be sold in any store, therefore they all are SAFE. That was a DUH moment for me. After that I got to pick what fit my car best, and other features that I was interested in. Therefore my encouragement would be this: look at your needs and your car and see what works for you. I did provide a picture of what we used. We purchase a infant carseat for the first year. (biggest difference you get to remove it from the car which is great for sleeping babies!) And after a year we get a carseat that can be back and forward facing and last for several more years after that. Here is the infant carseat we selected.
For our first baby we also got a second base:

Also in transportation is a STROLLER! I have been through sooooooo many strollers, from snap and go’s, to umbrella, to Phil and Teds, to now double strollers. But for first baby what I would recommend is considering a few things: are you have more babies quickly? (don’t spend tons on a single stroller) Are you a runner or like to do long walks (look at spending a little more money on something that has better structure and wheels) Are you just looking for something light weight that can you throw in the back of your car to go into stores? (Consider a snap and go or more simple style strollers. Lastly, there are several carseat stroller combos, we didn’t go that route but it is a great option here is an example:

You MUST have a carseat, and I would say a stroller of some kid is a MUST HAVE for me, although I have friends that would rather carry around their baby too so that is up to you.


With our first kid we did cloth diapers (gdiaper brand) and I really enjoyed them for that season but then I quickly moved into the disposable diapers and wipes. Yes, you will need diapers but I would recommend not collecting too many little size (newborn) ones because they grow so fast. BUT most store if the diapers are unopened will let you exchange so remember that too! Different brands work for different babies. Some have skin issues and some are thicker and some are thinner so the brand REALLY depends on the baby. For the most part we enjoy Huggies Brand, and the wipes I am obsessed with the Coscto Kirkland brand, but Huggies is comparable. (We didn’t go with a wipe warmer and haven’t missed it).

We also registered for diaper rash cream, our favorite is the Butt Paste.  And for our first baby we got a Arm and Hammer diaper pal, we used it for all of our babies but it wasn’t a life or death piece for us. 

We did decide to get a changing pad and cover (2 because they pee on those things all the time) and we placed it securely on a dresser that doubled as a changing table, then when they got older we could still use the dresser. 

You will NEED diapers and wipes of some kind. As well as diaper rash cream but after that you can decide what you think is best for you. 


It seems like at showers a go to gift is baby wash and lotions. We actually still have some from our last baby shower, we have never found a favorite but can say we like the Dr. Bronner’s soap in general for all our bath needs. 

Hooded towels are super cute and fun if you want to register for them as well as bath toys. 

WE have used a LOVED a bath sling. They are timeless, fold up (easy storage) and are a MUST have for babies. (We have used the same one for all our kids.)

Bath Sling is a MUST HAVE. The rest are fun and up to you 🙂


There are so many little things that are needs when it comes to taking care of babies. Here are a few of our go-to ones: 

Baby nail clippers (we LOVE the one with the light, it help to really allow us to see their little nails).

We also used a baby monitor, a super simple one. There are MANY out there to choose from, and some moms prefer not to use one. Here is one like ours:

Other important tools would be a Thermometer and a Nasal Aspirator. Here is a Nasal Aspirator – Nose Fridaba that EVERYONE swears by but I have not personally used (Although I STILL want to buy, maybe this is push me to do it hehe):


There is so much variety when it comes to feeding so I am going to lay out our favorites and whether or not they are must have’s or not. 

Highchair – we got a traditional highchair for our first then quickly (due to space, convince, and traveling capabilities) we moved to a Booster seat with a tray:

A High Chair is a MUST HAVE, I prefer the booster seat style. 

Breast Pump and Bags – Thankfully insurance is starting to cover the purchase of a pump, my go to that I used with all my babies it the Medala Brand, (Since I have had a few babies I have tried two different of the Medala Brand styles.) The Advance Style is great for moms who need a pump for a home, plugs into the wall and ready to go. The Free Style is a great pump that can be ran off a battery, so great for on the go moms, or bringing it to work. As far as bags go, I have become a bag snob and only like one brand and that is Lansinoh, they don’t break on me as often and hold more (Bags are MUST HAVE if you are pumping and storing):

 There are lots of cleaning supplies for pumps, I didn’t really use any, but I did use a drying rack for my pumping supplies and for my bottle drying needs (Not a must have):

Feeding Pillow – There are a lot of options out there, and cute covers galore! Someone asked me, “can’t you just use a pillow?” Well yes, lol. So these are not must haves but do make getting the hang of feeding for first babies nice. I used a Boppy for my first two and then the last two I still had it but didn’t find myself using it very often (Not a must have):
Bottles – For all my kiddos we did not use Formula BUT still used bottles and bottle fed for when mom was out of the house (which was so nice to have a break and not worry about baby not being fed, I know some babies have a harder time figuring out the bottle but for my kids this brand helped them). My kids also were VERY spit-uppy so the bottle we found and still love is Dr. Browns. We chose and so glad we did the glass bottle option:

 Within this they have different sizes, different bottle sleeves, and different nipple sizes (ALL OPTIONAL). One note of the nipple sizes, we used a Level 1 until they were closer to a year then we would move up to a level 2. We felt this was helpful since we wanted to continue to nurse. (Bottles were a MUST HAVE for us, and we loved this brand but it all depends on what works for you).

Pacifiers – We have enjoyed the NUK brand, but I would advice if you go the pacifier route to maybe grab a few and try different ones. The Philips Avent Soothie brand is what is most advised in the the beginning (and we used for all our kids for the first few weeks then switched to NUK) Pacifiers are not must haves but if you asked me they were a MUST HAVE for me

Yes you will need onesies, socks, mittens, burp clothes, hats etc. But what I want to touch on in this second is two items I found to LOVE and use every day with ALL of my kids. The first one might not seem like something you need but it changed my life and all my friends who have jumped on the band wagon, and it is called SOCK ON’S, they are something that goes over the babies socks and keeps them on. No more losing socks, or cold toe-toes for my kiddos: 
The second item I want to touch on is a swaddle. There are MANY options out there and all are helpful. We enjoy the Muslin Swaddle Blankets: 


A diaper bag! We got one that has lasted us all four kids. I ended up picking the color black so that it would look good on my husband. I also prefer the sling style bags (I think that for my purses too so it might be a personal thing). 

For Moms: I loved my nursing cover (check out coupon the side or bottom of the page for a FREE one!) I used this brand and have like 3 of them: one in the purse, one at home, one in the diaper bag. I chose to use a cover because I am awkward (still after four babies lol), it makes me feel better and lets baby fall asleep if needed. 

Also if you are reading this and you are not the mom I want to share what a few WONDERFUL women did for me: They got ME the MOM a special care package which included new jammies, new lotions, bath salts, new water-bottle, a special necklace to remember the birth, and a few little items for me to enjoy in this beautiful but hard season with a newborn.

This can be an exciting and education season of life as you welcome a new little one into the world! ENJOY! Don’t stress and remember to give yourself GRACE!! And after you have given yourself grace, then remember to give yourself even MORE GRACE! Love on your little and love on yourself! Self-care is important in this season! 

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