Are You Buying Toxic Baby Food??

Are You Buying Toxic Baby Food???

I can’t believe what I read in the News this week about store bought baby food! Even if you don’t have a need for baby food anymore it is important to be knowledgeable about what is going on so we can support and help others around us. Reminder this life we live, is not meant to be alone, we crave community, mentorship, and relationship and here is an opportunity to walk along others in this stage.

“Toxic heavy metals damaging to your baby’s brain development are likely in the baby food you are feeding your infant”

“Tests of 168 baby foods from major manufacturers in the US found 95% contained lead, 73% contained arsenic, 75% contained cadmium and 32% contained mercury. One fourth of the foods contained all four heavy metals.”

“One in five baby foods tested had over 10 times the 1-ppb limit of lead endorsed by public health advocates, although experts agree that no level of lead is safe.”



You guys I was shocked! When I was making baby foods (before we did baby led weaning), I seriously made it because it was just more convenient for me, WAY cheaper, and I knew what was going into my baby.

Hear me friends: THERE IS NOT SHAME OR CONDEMNATION if you did or do store bought baby food! I just didn’t even know and felt I needed to share with you all. Part of me thinks well “DUH” this is happening and another part of me is still in shock.

So, I wanted to provide to you a few basically easy steps for encouragement if you want to make your own baby food, while using equipment you have at home. My personal experience is using “baby food making equipment” actually didn’t work as well as just using the equipment you have at home.

When do I start feeding my baby foods?

They say you can start around 4-6 months. We always chose to start around 6 months. But a rule of thumb I always heard is when they can sit up, good head control, and reaching for food by themselves is a good indicator that is time to start foods. Also another common expression that has helped me in my food introduction and baby eating time. “FOOD BEFORE ONE IS JUST FOR FUN!” Meaning when you are feeding you baby food this should not replace the breast milk/formula they are receiving. Breast Milk/formula comes first then food second. As they get closer to one and more foods are being consumed is when the transition begins.

What foods do I feed my baby first?

Here is a list of great foods to start with:

  • Sweet potato.
  • Banana.
  • Avocado.
  • Apples.
  • Pears.
  • Green beans.
  • Butternut squash

Remembering that some food groups need to come later, for example around a year old: citrus, cow’s milk, strawberries, and corn can be given.

How do I make baby food?

Some foods like avocado and bananas don’t need to be cooked, just pureed. Just just a blender to smooth.

Other food like sweet potato, pears, apples, green beans, and butternut squash need to be softened through boiling or steaming. THEN blended to a puree texture. With some thicker foods (like sweet potatoes ) you might have to add water or breast milk to make it a more smooth puree.

This system is a great transition system to whole foods, because as the baby gets used to a smooth texture, you can progressively move more to a thicker consistency

How can I store Pre-made Baby Food?

Here are a few storage tips:

  • Freshly made baby food is safe for up two hours. (However if the room is warmer then 90 degrees F, it is only safe for about an hour)
  • Refrigerated homemade baby food that contains fruits and veggies, it is suggested to use it within 48 hours
  • You can freeze homemade baby food and it can last in the freezer for 1-3 months. (Which is about as long as you need it for until needing to migrate to the next texture.)

More Resources Here:

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