Book Break Up


Every start of new seasons, I get this itch to buy some new books. Especially every fall! I just love starting the season curled up with a blanket and a good Historical Fiction Christian Romance Novel. Yes, it is true this books are my bread and butter.

Don’t get me wrong I love books that help me better myself as a person, parent, and educator but the books I want to curl up and read in the evening are books that bring me into a different world.

I have several favorite authors who I devour their books, and one of them is Julie Klassen.

Here are a few of the books of hers I have read:


However, I just finished finished The Painters Daughter:


And it has been exactly 48 hours, 26 mins and 3 seconds since The Painter’s Daughter and I experienced our book break-up. I mean I was invested, I got to know the characters, fell in love with the story, the location and the art. Then all of a sudden I look and only have 10 pages until the end of the story and I start to see the enviable breakup that is about to transpire. 9 pages, 8 pages, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 pages I think to myself self ‘just stop now, you won’t be able to say good bye,’ 2 pages ‘but I NEED to know everyone is happily ever after’, 1 page and DONE! FINISHED! And suddenly I feel sad that this enjoyment is over, so I tell myself it is ok just go grab another book to read.  I get up and grab a book, start to read, but all I can think about is The Painter’s Daughter. See I haven’t healed from my book breakup. I can’t begin a new relationship with a new book, and new characters! I am just not ready!

Book break ups are hard, and I know one day I will move on and find someone else! SO until then I will continue to day dream about painting on the edge of a cliff 😉



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