Myths about Homeschooling!!

I had the opportunity to share on Facebook about homeschooling and about a statement I hear all the time when I tell people I homeschool, “I don’t have enough patience to homeschool.” As a mom of 5 and a homeschooling momma I cant not tell how crazy this statement makes me feel. You may have heardContinue reading “Myths about Homeschooling!!”

I am Not a Craft Mom

I am not a artisty mom. Sometimes I wish I was. I think that my sister in law (of no blood relation) got ALL of the art skills that our family could possibility handle! My Sister-in-law is an amazing artist, she owns her own bakery and does amazing 3-D cakes. I mean look at thisContinue reading “I am Not a Craft Mom”

Letter Z

A quick update brought to you by the letter Z. As we have been doing preschool with Madeline (age 4) I have learned a lot about myself as a homeschool momma and about the learning styles of my kiddos. Madeline who has been doing the only “formal” schooling, has been doing a great job. However,Continue reading “Letter Z”

Pumpkin Time

Every fall I always enjoy the beautiful changing of the tree leaves, the crisp air and the fall treats! Our oldest daughter is just now 4 and we as a family haven’t really gotten into the “halloween” events that usually go with what we think of when we think of the fall season. My husbandContinue reading “Pumpkin Time”

The Letter Nn

This past week our kids got to learn and practice the letter Nn. What a FUN and FULL week! Here are some quick highlights on the letter Nn 🙂 We connected the letter Nn with Nest! On Monday Nana came over and we all made “Nest Cookies.” Simple and quick recipe: 1 cup of butterscotchContinue reading “The Letter Nn”

A is for Apple

This week in Preschool we have been working on the Letter Aa. Within learning the Letter Aa we have focused on APPLES :). Perfect for the beginning of Fall. My grandparents have several apple trees, which we went to and picked apples from to start the week. Then on Monday when Nana came over weContinue reading “A is for Apple”

Practice Week and Stone Soup

In preparation for preschool for Madeline and Tot-school for Noah we read the story Stone Soup by Maria Brown (Caldecott honor book). The story is about working together and making the best of any situation, hospitality and sharing (at least that is what we took from it with their ages). Creative play is something IContinue reading “Practice Week and Stone Soup”

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