“I am disappointed in you.”



“I am disappointed in you.”


I see this expression being thrown around like wildfire here on the internet. And I must say that this expression has caused me to pause a lot when it comes to sharing things publicly, in fear someone might be disappointment with me.

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The definition of the actual word disappointed is to be sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations.


Based on this definition alone I see some huge red flags. The biggest RED FLAG of them all is that our hope should NEVER be found in someone other than: JESUS CHRIST. I will NEVER, could NEVER, want to NEVER be the fulfillment of someone’s hopes and expectations, because I sadly but realistically promise you: I WILL FAIL!


Truly, I am not putting myself down or saying I wont try do my very best to glorify God in all I do, what I am saying is I simply CAN NOT fulfill everyone’s expectations, hopes, needs, desires, wants, (you name it and add it to the list!)


While I see this expression being used and may have used it myself before whether in conversation, social media, or in my own head I stand convicted that this expression is nothing more then a sentence to cast shame to a person due to an unrealistic expectation of perfection.


In our cancel culture, we see people dismissing others due to them being a “disappointment”. And while internet friends/followers might not be “real,” I want to take a moment of self-evaluation and would encourage you to join me in processing that God has called us to something bigger then disappointed cancel culture, He is calling us to be refined and to support the refining of others.


One of my greatest downfalls in life so far and the greatest threat is trying to live up to the expectation of others, and the culture at large.


My prayer, my desire, MY EXPECATION of myself is to be pursuing a life that is lived to glorify God in all I do. I pray I can be the walking, breathing, living example of the gospel to those around me that so desperately need to see and feel: hope! BUT LORD LET THEM SEE YOU AND NOT ME, LET THEM SEE YOUR LOVE, LET THEM KNOW WHERE TRUE JOY COMES FROM, and let me experience the eternal joy that comes from sharing YOU to the WORLD.


You Are Loved.

Jesus Loves YOU!



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