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Do you ever have a convicting moment? I HAVE them ALL the time!!!! In fact I just had one TODAY!!!

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about morning jobs for my kids and how that helps them prepare for the day. One of their morning jobs is to make their beds. Simple enough, right! I mean, we should all make our beds right, haha. I laugh because here I am telling my kids EVERYDAY they should make their beds. Anyone want to know the last time I made my own bed (more then just throwing the comforter over it ha)? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

In fact, if I really think about it around a year ago I had this same convicting moment. I was convinced I needed to make my bed every morning. This convicting moment coincided with a Bible study I was doing with a group of GREAT young ladies at my moms house. The book we were reading was Women Living Well. In the book I read something that helped motivate me to WANT to make my bed. Courtney the author, said when she would make their bed in the morning she would take the opportunity to PRAY for her husband and their relationship. In fact, Courtney would do this to many of her household chores. She would think of the person who is blessed by these chores and pray for them as she worked. This is exactly what I needed to hear at the time, because household chores can seem mundane and without a greater purpose. I was committed to making my bed and making the best out of the chores I would do around the house.

Well, as a new baby was being formed in my womb, I have to admit I got: LAZY! No wait, I can’t call myself lazy, I was helping to create a baby all while keep 3 other kiddos alive, fed, and for the most part happy ;). But regardless, I did stop making my bed.

But, God has this great way of gently reminding us of our own goals. And one of my year goals is to be in prayer more. So this morning, in light of writing my blog yesterday about morning jobs, I ran across an article written by Angie Tolpin,  someone I find super fascinating, and the article was called: How making my bed transformed my marriage!

I mean can I get SLAPPED in the face with a more obvious DUH! moment? I think not! So, I suppose now that I have told the “world,” I need to start making my bed! I am going to go right now!


By the way, I think it is time for a NEW bedroom look 🙂 Here are some ideas:

I want to look into this company near us called RB’s Workshop, I just bought this SUPER cute Gather Sign (see picture below):


… and maybe do something like this in the room above the bed:

OR I have a sweet friend from high school that has a shop called, The Holiday Porch, and I was thinking maybe a big sign like one of these over the bed:

Oh MAN! Choices Choices …. Can you weight in and give me your vote!?!?!?!?



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