Mother’s Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! I love that we have celebrations like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! Taking the time to celebrate these God given roles are so important!

I am a big fan of spending time with family and having a shared meal together to celebrate! However, my sweet husband is always asking me for ideas on a gift to help celebrate that special time. Truly friends, I am not the best at ideas, BUT below I came up with 7 fun, simple ideas, go to ideas that will bring a smile to us moms.

Feel free to click on the picture and it will bring you straight to the amazon site to see other color options and similar ideas. These are affiliated links meaning there is NO EXTRA COST to you! If you do make a purchase they give a small percentage to RaisingRices, that we in turn use for Ministry opportunities πŸ™‚

  1. For the Mom would enjoy tea. A simple reminder to enjoy the day and a drink that accompanies it πŸ™‚

(I mean really! HOW CUTE IS THAT! Great for Moms or Grandmas!

2. Β A piece of jewelry is always a sweet touch. These are cubic zirconia, which is an affordable way to try new pieces of jewelry out before spending a lot more on real diamonds. I think the best addition to this gift would be a handwritten card explaining to need to wear these beauties out on a date πŸ˜‰


These so much remind me of my wedding earrings! Finding something that reflects a time and place that is special and spent together is a wonderful touch

3. Β For the practical mom out there, we all know them, love them, and probably are them (ME!) These babies are so well used in the kitchen and can make life so much easier then the lids match and are not missing haha. Consider something that will show the mom in your life something that could add ease to her daily doings.

These are my personal favorite and I love how they stack in each other! I currently have a double set but only one set of lids! Lids make or break these item for me haha

4. For the mom would gets inspired through words of encouragement! There are so many great things that us moms can look at through out the day and gather strength and encouragement from. Here is an example of one that could be used daily as a practice coffee mug and a gentle reminder to our spirits.

Be strong and courageous! Yes, I know I need that reminder! My favorite encouragement comes through scripture!

5. For the mom that enjoys a soft, beautiful robe! A new robe would be a fun addition to any wardrobe. Below there are two options for spring and winter πŸ™‚

6. For the hostess mom, who loves to have people over! These tongs are great for having large parties and friends/families over.

Can’t have enough tongs when it comes to gatherings!

7. This is a MUST for all moms, especially those who LOVE baths! These bath bombs are amazing! Plus this particular set comes with a free lip balm, and all the bath bombs are made with essential oils πŸ™‚


Comes with 12! It is the gift that keeps giving!


Hope you feel inspired to celebrate the mom in your life! Make sure to take the time and love on those around you!



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