Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 4

Welcome back to our next part in Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships! PART 4!

If you haven’t got to read the other 3 parts you can get them HERE: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3

Part 4 might come as a surprise to you but you will it see it can be a great tool to put in the tool belt. This biblical tool is one that is found constantly in the Old Testament.

If possible, “cast lots.”

Proverbs 18:18 “Casting the lot settles disputes and keeps strong opponents apart.”

A few things to note, IF POSSIBLE means this is not a tool to resolve conflict that will be used every time, rather a helpful suggestion for a quick fix when the situation arise (more below on this). Also, please note, no, I am not advocating for gambling but rather a “flip of the coin” if you will.

There are simply situations that can be quickly resolved by a fast “casting of lots,” or more so in today’s language we would say, “a flip of the coin.” In addition to flipping the coin to settle a dispute, there is a game we all know called: Rock-Paper-Scissors. In fact, I heard a story of how a local teacher would tell her students to, “Rock it Out” when a conflict arose that they could play Rock-Paper-Scissors to solve. A biblical principle being applied to help resolve a conflict that shouldn’t be an issue to begin with but with our sinful hearts we all need a tool to use every once and a while.

You may of seen other ways this is solved in playing games like: laying cards face down and the highest card starts the game, or rolling the dice and the highest number begins the game, or starting with the youngest or oldest in the room. Many quick tricks and tools to teach you kids in order that they might resolve a conflict.

Here are some situations to help you gather some thoughts on when you could use this tool of “casting lots”:

  • Two kids get to the same swing at the same time and are trying to navigate who can go first.
  • The siblings are trying to figure out who can go first in a game.
  • Both kids want to sit next to dad at dinner.
  • Brothers want to have the same toy car.
  • Decisions whether to ride bikes or go on a scooter ride as a family (when there kids that side with either).
  • Who gets the shower, sink or bathroom first.
  • Deciding who needs to take the dog out.

And of course there are many more!

As you can see Part 4 is a quick and practical tool that your kiddos can put in their tool belt to support them on their journey to cultivating healthy sibling relationships and ultimately bringing this tool into other areas of their life as well.


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