Thanksgiving Activities

With Thanksgiving being this week, I can’t be the only parent who waited until the last minute to find a cute thanksgiving activity. Or maybe you are hosting this year and would like some activities for your kiddos guest to do while at your house? Well have no fear I have complied over 30 activitiesContinue reading “Thanksgiving Activities”

Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships- Part 5

Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 5  Welcome back to our series on Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationship Series! I hope you have been enjoying this bite size help to establishing and teaching how to work through sibling offensives. For those that are new and haven’t got a chance read the previous articles that lead upContinue reading “Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships- Part 5”

Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 4

Welcome back to our next part in Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships! PART 4! If you haven’t got to read the other 3 parts you can get them HERE: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 Part 4 might come as a surprise to you but you will it see it can be a great tool toContinue reading “Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 4”

Cultivating Siblings Relationships – Part 3

Cultivating Sibling Relationships – Part 3 Welcome to our part 3 of our series on cultivating healthy sibling relationships. If you haven’t got to read the first two parts of the steps to healthy sibling relationships make sure that you check those two out: PART ONE, and PART TWO. During part one and part two weContinue reading “Cultivating Siblings Relationships – Part 3”

Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 2

  Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 2 This is Part Two of a series about cultivating Sibling Relationships, if you haven’t read part one I would encourage you to give it a read at some point 🙂 HERE! Sibling relationships are so good for the heart issues we naturally face in life. Working throughContinue reading “Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 2”

Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 1

Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships (Part 1) One of the desires of our family is to cultivate within our family unit solid sibling relationships. Darren and I realized that these Godly, forever, sibling relationships are a key element, and in order to take it from relationship to friendship we the parent must intentionally train, teach andContinue reading “Cultivating Healthy Sibling Relationships – Part 1”

What’s in a Name?

  When we are born we are given a name.  I know from experience that parents tend to put a lot of care into naming their children. Sometimes the name is a family name, or sometimes the parent likes the meaning of the name, or sometimes parents have thought of what the name would soundContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”


  We are excited that Summer is right around the corner! In fact many of my friends are celebrating TODAY as the end of their 2019-2020 school year! CONGRATULATIONS FRIENDS!!!! (This year the Rice family is going to try year round schooling, more to come on that later, I will be posting lots on InstagramContinue reading “#MakeSummer2020Count”

Make Summer 2020 Count !

We are so excited to announce that this summer we are teaming up with a dear friend over at Raphah Mama to take hold of our summer plans and make them COUNT! This year 2020 we have been hit with a very unusual event: COVID-19! My friend Mary and I decided we are not going toContinue reading “Make Summer 2020 Count !”

Get Outside – #100hoursoutsideamonth

DID YOU KNOW???? Spending time outdoors may lower blood pressure Soaking up the sun elevates Vitamin D levels Outdoor time can reduce inflammation Being outside is good for eyesight Outdoor time improves sleep Being outdoors burns more calories (compared to indoor) Spending time outside relieves stress, anxiety, and depression Outdoor time relieves pain naturally SpendingContinue reading “Get Outside – #100hoursoutsideamonth”

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