Felicity’s Birth Story


Felicity’s Birth Story

On November 19th(2 days before Felicity’s due date), Marissa had been praying all day to start labor. At 4:00 pm she began getting a SMALL contraction and was over joyed (funny who would be excited for pain but she was READY). Marissa’s mini contractions (pre-labor) were around 30 minutes apart and less then 30 seconds each. However, as evening progressed the contraction spread further and further apart. Around 9:00 pm they were one hour apart, at which time Darren and Marissa headed to bed for some rest before the anticipated labor the following day. Throughout the night time “rest” Marissa had contractions every hour, laboring peacefully by herself until around 1:00 am in which she woke up Darren every hour to help support her and rub her back through the contraction. At 6:00 am Darren called David and Donna to come and take the 4 older kiddos to their house for the morning to help Marissa eliminate distractions to increase contractions.  They arrived around 6:30 am prepared the children and headed out of the house with them. Once the kiddos were out of the house Marissa continued to labor. Around 12:00 pm Darren called the midwifes team to let them know they should start heading our way.  The team arrived around 1:00 pm and got all their things in order, and checked on Marissa. When Marissa was checked she measure 6-7 cm dilated.  Marissa asked Dr. Katherine if she was predicting at least another 3 hours of labor, something Marissa told herself she would never do (ask length left).  Dr. Katherine said, “oh no, maybe another hour or so.” Marissa went back to laboring, requesting that the birthing tub be warmed up so she could labor in it. She did not think she would deliver in the tub, but Dr. Katherine was concerned that Marissa would have Felicity in the tub so she wanted it to be the right temperature.  Around 2:00 pm Marissa thought she would try to go to the bathroom again. On the toilet, Marissa water broke. Darren called Dr. Katherine in and she said, “Great! Everything is going well.” As Dr. Katherine left the room to allow Marissa and Darren to labor. But, as Dr. Katherine stepped out Marissa said to Darren, “I feel like I need to push, don’t let her fall on the floor. (Marissa was standing leaning on the sink counter in the bathroom.)  Darren reply, “You feel like she is coming out?” Then he called for Dr. Katherine who was sitting in the room right next to the bathroom. She comes in along with her team into our very small master bathroom, along with Marissa’s mom, photographer and friend Lauren, who got into the bathtub to make room for the midwifery team. Darren’s mom Kathy was in the doorway to the bathroom equally a total of 9 adults and soon to be one baby in the bathroom. Marissa began to push slowly, as oppose to the other 4 kids where she pushed as fast as possible, with the goal being to prevent tearing. Felicity was born at 2:07.

As soon as she was born Marissa asked if it was a girl (since the ultrasound tech was only 90% sure). Followed by the statement, “You all lied to me!” The doctor team, and Darren had reassured that Jonah (Marissa’s 3rd kid who weighed 10 lbs) would be the biggest baby she would deliver, but Marissa after looking at Felicity had a feeling that she was bigger. Marissa was able to hold Felicity to let the umbilical cord finish getting all the nutrients out before Darren cut the cord. Afterwards everyone moved into the bedroom and Marissa got comfortable on the bed, and delivered the healthy placenta. Felicity nursed right away and had lots of skin-to-skin time.

Fun Facts:

  • Sadly and thankfully Marissa delivered Felicity faster then the team could prepare the birthing tub.
  • Felicity’s measurements:
    • Weight: 10 lbs 3 ounces
    • 22 inches long
    • 36 cm head circumference
    • 35 cm belly circumference
    • Birthday 11/20/18
  • Felicity was born with her hand on her hand, and her ear was bent in against her head. After an hour her ear returned to normal.
  • Marissa ended up have 3 stitches.
  • The rest of the kiddos got to meet Felicity soon after delivery and all were overjoyed with their newest addition to the family
  • The support the Rice family received was such a blessing, from food to fellowship and everything in between!



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