6 Months Living in a Trailer and Now What?

We have officially made it 6 months (183 days) of living in our trailer. If you would have asked me 6 months ago if I thought it was possible for our family of 7 to make it with our sanity in tack, living in a trailer for 6 months I would have not thought itContinue reading “6 Months Living in a Trailer and Now What?”

100 Days Living In a Trailer

It has officially been over 100 days of living in our trailer. When we decided to sell our home in September 2021, we knew we would be moving into our trailer. Excited to build on our 10 acres in Idaho but knowing that we would have to use the money from the sale of ourContinue reading “100 Days Living In a Trailer”

Religious Exemption

God is working, God is present in the waiting, we must wait in hope!  Some times we don’t know why or when or what to do while waiting. Darren and I have had MANY waiting moments this year. Just recently we had been waiting, praying and contending with friends, family and our biblical community thatContinue reading “Religious Exemption”

Room by Room

  WOW! Lots can happen within a house in 10 years. From births, to first steps, ministry, friends made, laughter around the table, tears in the shower, and meals oh so many meals. As we prepare to move I have been reminiscing on the adventures that have taken place in our home. Join along asContinue reading “Room by Room”

Ready … Set …. Move

  Blogs are so interesting in that you can use them to share so much information. Some of the information shared is educational, comical, sad, and or motivational. But, today I would like to share more of my heart and what God has been teaching us through some major trials in our life. There hasContinue reading “Ready … Set …. Move”


Since my husband and I decided to start having children, our hearts have grown in the love of children and family. (If you know us, you know we have always loved children. To grow our family even more, in our desire to train up children, might seem like an impossible thing, but with God allContinue reading “Snip-Snap-Snap”

Our First Overnight Stay at the Hospital

  Yesterday was a day that will leave a lasting impression on me, here is what happened …   My 2 year old son Jesse was playing legos in the garage with his older brothers as Darren  and I were preparing the fathers day meal to celebrate his Father when we heard a HUGE cry.Continue reading “Our First Overnight Stay at the Hospital”

Our “New” Trailer

Darren and I have been doing a lot of vision casting for our family. What we want, and how to achieve a vision of our family. There are many areas in our family life that we are excited to grow in the coming future, however one that REALLY excites us right now is: CAMPING! WeContinue reading “Our “New” Trailer”

Look What We Did!

Who remembers their first car? I do! My first adult car was this super cute Toyota Camry! I was in love! I felt such like an adult! I remembering driving it to my adult job, with my leather heated seats, and automatic windows. Fast forward several years and I was expecting baby number 3, andContinue reading “Look What We Did!”