First Day

We started our first day of school with a smile and ended with a smile, I call that a success.

Tot School


Since Darren was on-call and at home all day, we game planned to allow me to teach the older two, giving them extra attention on their “first day” of school, while Darren hung with the younger two (age 1 and 7 weeks).

Our school day went GREAT, we talked about stamina and how we will work up to longer school but as for today we started with about a 45 mins school block. The kids got to do: reading, math, calendar, bible, and writing. BUT, I think their favorite things we did ALL day was learning to cut with scissors, which was their first time ever!

This weeks focus is the letter S, the number 1, learning to read, and learning to use scissors. I had planned to learn about the letter S by doing some SUN actives but sadly with the massive forest fire near our house we can’t even see the sun, therefore we have talked a lot about SMOKE (also a S word, but a very sad one in this case.)

practicing the letter S
Practicing writing her name

I bet you are dying to know how Darren did with the younger two???? Well, my husband is super dad, and I say this because he always loves to do interactive things with the kiddos when he is hanging with them. So during our school time Darren decided he was going to make pizza dough with Jonah (age 1), we needed it to be made for dinner that evening since we were having friends over. Jonah of course was loving every minute of it, having one-on-one time with daddy. Half way through their adventure, Darren went to lay Jesse down for a nap in the other room. While Darren was gone for literally a second, Jonah had reached across the counter and grabbed the olive oil they were using, when Darren returned to the kitchen, seeing Jonah with the olive oil in his hand called out, “Jonah,” and at the sound of his name, shocked Jonah dropped the olive oil. Needless to say my wooden floors got a really nice oil treatment and are squeaky clean ;).

Overall, it was a very fun day! We learned a lot! For example, right after school time I need to make sure my kiddos get a movement activity, and with the fire and smoke warning we are not to be outside so Darren and I have created a plan to redo our garage space, (future blog post).

So here is my question: What are some great indoor movement activities??? I would love to hear some ideas 🙂


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  1. Oooo! I will be following for indoor activities! I know a lady that installed a swing indoors and that’s a hit. She also has gymnastic type blocks that the kids can play leap frog from block to block (good for coordination and balance).

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