Sunday Prep Day

Does anyone dread Mondays? I always feel a bit of sadness when Sunday comes to a close because I know that Monday is when the hubby returns to work, and I just love our family time so much! My hard working husband works a “traditional” Monday through Friday job. (Well he is suppose to, but he picks up call, and weekend shifts from time-to-time.) I was finding that Mondays were feeling extra hard to me. So I decided to try to figure out what would make Mondays feel more successful to me. This is how my hubby and I came up with our SUNDAY PREP DAY.

WE talked together about the things that would make us feel ready to begin the week fresh. As previously mentioned in another post, my hubby LOVES clear counters and table. It truly makes this fresh start feeling for the week ahead, verses the piles on piles feeling. We also discussed how I feel so much more on top of things if I know what is coming, whether that is in our calendar week or what we plan to do for school for the week. I love a full schedule but I HATE double booking myself! It is all too easy to forget to write something on the calendar or assume the other person knows what is going on. In addition, talking about the week ahead has built so much excitement and conversations for the kids. As we discussed more we found many things that would set us up for success but really tried to limit how many things we did for Sunday Prep Day, because it is a day of rest and refocus for us as well.

The other thing that is important to us in all we do is to include our kids. Training them alongside us as we all work together, and Sunday Prep Day is no different. The current struggle with having a 4, 2, 1, and 6 week old kiddos is that everything we do seems to take a while. We know it is important so we take the time, but we decided we that we didn’t want our Sunday Prep Day to take more then 2 hours. Below is the list we are currently doing, while knowing it can and will change as we grow and adapt.

Sunday Prep Day


My favorite quote I say to remind myself about our Sunday Prep Day is:

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

I suppose life is always about adjustments and improvements, so right now this has been an improvement for our family. Spending some family time together preparing for the week makes us all feel ready and successful. After our Sunday Prep Day is complete we like to do a family activity to enjoy our time before daddy returns to work. Lately, we have enjoyed walking to the park, playing in the backyard, eating homemade yogurt popsicles (YUM), and or spending time reading some of their favorite books. It is a wonderful closure to one week and the start to the next.



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