Healthy and Strong

Healthy and Strong


There has been so many seasons in my life where I have felt and looked healthy and strong, but sadly I am coming out of a season where having my physical body reflect my legacy goals was put aside. There were many amazing things that has transpired in the last 8 years of my life, and on the top of that list was growing, having and raising 5 beautiful kiddos! It was an amazing accomplishment, and I am so proud of my body and what it did (through the help of Jesus Christ). And now I find myself with the realization that I sadly didn’t prioritize my health throughout that season. Prior to kids I have been active, fit, healthy and strong, then while growing my babies and raising my other kids I sort of “relied” on the fact that I “was” strong and missed the obvious that without continuing to work my physical strength it would start to slowly fade.

So here I am, age 35 and starting over in a sort of way. I can no longer rely on my youthful habits. I need to start forming ones that will help my body prepare for the legacy I want to leave ahead. BUT, where do I go from here? My husband and I have created a strength building workout program I am super excited to share with you today! Here is the thing though, this workout program had to meet certain of my life needs right now:

  1. It has to be done in 30 minutes (OR LESS)
  2. It has to be able to adapt as I began and got stronger along the way
  3. It has to be able to be done in a trailer (yes, I said it, a trailer! Because that is where we are living right now while building)
  4. It has to last 3 months at least and not be boring. (I need variety)
  5. And lastly, it had to involve minimal equipment (or none at all)

So with that in mind we began researching and planning what we could do to accommodate those needs.  And here is what we came up with:

We have a MENS program and a WOMENS program.

 Full program DOWNLOAD HERE FIT – Men


Full program DONWLOAD HERE Women’s Fit Calendar

I hope this is an encouragement and resource that you can benefit from! Join me and my husband as we try to stay accountable over on Instagram Stories. Excited for you to join us! YAY!


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