Jonah’s 1st Birthday


One thing I enjoy doing is birthday parties for my kids. As they get older they get to pick the themes for the party, however when they are younger mommy gets to enjoy picking the theme. For Jonah’s 1st birthday I chose a WHALE party. (Yes I know, Jonah and the Whale, but I couldn’t help it.)

One of my passions is involving my village in the didn’t elements of life, including parties. Some people might have some reservations asking for help, but once to start you never go back (because you see what the village brings to your life, and that is a team, it doesn’t have to be ALL on YOU!). In addition, when it comes to parties a lot of people don’t want to ask others to help provide things and bring a gift, because they feel it is asking a lot of our family and friends. Well I completely agree with those feelings, and when I ask if others would like to help bring something, I let them know that what they are bringing is the perfect gift, and no other in needed. Gifts are great and fun for the kids but we have SO many toys, and things at our house, I would rather them make memories with the people they love! Grandparents can’t help but get a gift and bring something to help, and I totally understand because honestly I will probably be the same way when I have grandkids!

Lastly, I try my best to make sure the parties we have per kid do not cost more then $50.00’s. In order to do that we have come up with several different ideas to help:

  • We bake our own dessert, and have Auntie Kayla help with the cake or cookies. Now only do our kids love baking and creating the decorations on their birthday cake but it is cost effective.
  • We always pick a venue that is free. We do have 2 summer babies which works great for outdoor parties, but for our winter and spring little we have borrowed out church lobby which has worked GREAT! (For Jonah’s 1st however we hosted at my parents house, which also worked great!)
  • I go to Pinterest to get ideas. Now this can be dangerous because there are some CUTE ideas out there, but what I try to focus in on are ideas that can be made with simple supplies found at my local Dollar Tree.
  • I buy most of my supplies at Dollar Tree. Truly however I have found other stores with comparable prices for their party supplies (For example my local Walmart has a better color selection and their party supplies are also a dollar).
  • When I mentioned I as my village to help it, I really zero in on them helping with the food and drinks. The expression many hands make light work is SO true in this case. We tend to ask one family to bring one item and it is amazing how the tables fills up so beautifully.
  • Lastly, we don’t provided (currently) activities at the party that cost money. We have stations of things to do and the attenders can choose what sounds fun to them. Stations like: coloring stations, a moving physical station like playing with our large trucks on the ground for a construction party or when we are outdoor playing on the playground, bubble station, and more.

Here are a few of the pictures from Jonah’s 1st birthday party 🙂

Smash cake, made by Auntie Kayla.
Whale cake, by Auntie Kayla
The table cloth is actually shower curtain. The Octopus was made by Auntie Shannon (bell pepper and hummus), Grandma did the roll ups. Gold fishes and Chips
Seaweed and water wall with fishes. Done all with streamers (Blue and Green) and fish cut outs from Dollar. SUPER affordable (3 dollars) and was able to decorate all the walls!
Whale cut out of a watermelon (by Auntie Mariah and Uncle Brendan) and cookie cutter whale PB&J sandwiches (Made by Nana and Papa.)


The whale melon bowl! With Blueberry spout.
Birthday Boy with Nana


I so much enjoy these memories! It is what brings joy to me when I think about activities during the year.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, then consider what will and do that! Because as I remind myself, these things are not eternal, you won’t be a good or bad mom for doing them.



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