My sweetie pie Madeline (age 4) is learning to read. She is reading some great literature, let give you some examples, passages that include riveting sentences like:

The ram sat on the sand.

We ran in the shack.

The ant is mad at the man.

So yes I am joking we are in the beginning stage and I am proud of every sentence she reads! Even if the stories make me shake my head. What a joy it is to witness your child learn to read. However, I am even more excited for the day when my children learn to read from the Bible. The written word of God is something that will transform their lives but I know will take a lot of dedication to become a habit. Therefore, I want to commit to praying for my children, who don’t even read yet to form a passion for the written word.


I have been convicted recently about praying for things that I hope will happen in my children’s future. See I don’t want to get to the age where I would love to see my kids diving into the Word and look back at the years of prayers and preparation I missed out on by not actively and intentionally praying.

Psalm 119:11 says, “Your Word have I hid in my heart, that I may not sin against You.”

The Word of God is more then just words on a page it is: LIFE! It is the hope, security and foundation of our faith, it reveals who Jesus is: Our Savior.

Dear Lord, I earnestly pray you would work on the heart of my children, even now, that they would grow the desire and love for Your written Word. I pray that as I teach and train my kiddos, that I would also grow in my desire to be in the Word. I pray that I would find myself referring to my reading. I pray for growth and wisdom from being in your Word. And I pray that my life would reflect your Word. Thank you Lord for the gift of the Bible!

Join me as I work at praying for my children that they would LOVE the Word of God!


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