Our “New” Trailer

Darren and I have been doing a lot of vision casting for our family. What we want, and how to achieve a vision of our family. There are many areas in our family life that we are excited to grow in the coming future, however one that REALLY excites us right now is: CAMPING!

We both grew up in families that camped together. In fact, the majority of our growing up family vacations consisted of camping. Elements of fresh air, tech-free, togetherness was just what the doctor ordered. When we think back to our experiences we remember: vulnerable and deep conversations around the camp fires eating a s’more, walking among God’s creation while breathing in the fresh smell of peace, and family games with laughter and homemade camping cookies.

As we looked at what we desired for our family, we both were in excited agreement that camping must be in our future.

Darren and I both grew up with tent camping, which was a memory in itself. Our first years of marriage and first baby we followed through on the tradition of tent camping. Then when baby number two was born we were blessed by our parents with a tent trailer.

I have this horrible (but awesome) desire to Pinterest-fy all things, so with my excitement and Pinterest inspiration we redecorated the tent trailer.

We loved this little tent trailer and all the wonderful memories we made it in, but once baby number 5 hit we were blessed with a new addition to our trailer family. A wonderful man at church had a friend selling his 31 foot, sleeps 10, cougar trailer. It was a perfect match, price and all! But once again the Pinterest fein in me felt that temptation to redecorate and make it our own.

Here are the BEFORE:


And here are the DURINGS:

Lastly, here are the AFTERS:

We can say we are officially we are ready for camping season 🙂

We are Happy Campers 😉

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2 thoughts on “Our “New” Trailer

  1. Looks awesome, what fun you will have ! My grandma had 7 kids and she said when her husband wanted to get a big boat she thought how is this going to work but she later said it was the best choice of all because her kids got to enjoy it so much and got to be outside !

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