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When I was pregnant with our 4th sweetie pie for our Gender Reveal we did a fun event where mu husband got to shoot and blow up a box with explosives in it and a colored chalk, to reveal either blue or pink.

My sister in law was pregnant at the same time and we were able to do the reveal together 🙂 Both boxes revealed BLUE for BOYS! It was super fun! However, while I was preparing for the Reveal Event, I was getting concerned about the volume of noise my children’s ears who be exposed to since we wanted everyone to be able to be there. As a result I found these babies:


They come in a variety of colors and a little over 10 bucks each. So I went ahead and bought them for each of my kiddos:

At the time I thought well maybe one day we will use them again, but to my pleasant surprise we have used them quite a lot. My personal favorite reason we have been using them lately is the kids will go in the backyard and play in their play area while Daddy is able to mow the yard, before it was too loud for them and now they play happily as the mower is doing its job.

Other ways these can be used:

Firework show

At a music concert

Monster Truck Show

Encouragement for silent reading

Steam cleaning the carpet (those machines can be loud)

In a school setting to focus

Professional sporting events

One review said they bought them for Disneyland for their child who gets anxious in crowds, they fold up nicely for storage.

They come highly recommended for children with special needs to help dampen noise and distraction. The reviews say they are not too tight on the head which others have been and have caused headaches.

and many more!

I have found these work great 🙂 perfect for kid size heads and the db rating on these earmuffs are 26. Another lady got me thinking on her review that I would like to share with you:

These are great. I have 2 young girls that like to help their daddy with projects around the house. These accomplish 2 things for me. 1, they are not afraid of the loud noises from saws, lawn mower and various other tools. 2, they are learning good habits in terms of wearing the proper hearing and eye protection which is something I did not do for a very long time until it caught up to me. I want my girls to be involved in our projects around the house. I want them to feel comfortable and be safe at the same time. I am a big believer that your kids should be involved in these sorts of things as much as possible. I don’t want my girls to not know how to make a simple repair or, have the courage to try. There are too many young people that can’t perform simple household tasks. Plenty of adults too. I highly recommend these because I highly recommend teaching your kids to use their heads and hands to figure out a problem and to be safe at the same time. These Earmuffs help with both. Quality is beyond what I expected.

Something to think about!

For additional facts about hearing loss in kids, here is some important information taken directly from the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Website:

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports approximately 28 million Americans have lost some or all of their hearing, including 17 in 1,000 children under age 18. Noise exposure is increasingly common in the age of iPods and other personal music players. Overexposure to noise can cause both temporary and permanent hearing loss.


Whisper: 30 decibels (dBa)          

Normal Conversation: 60 decibels                    

Cars to a close observer: 60 – 80 decibels           

Can cause permanent hearing loss: Above 85 decibels         

Although 10 million Americans suffer irreversible noise-induced hearing loss, with 30 million more exposed to dangerous noise levels each day, very little has been reported on the risk of such hearing loss in children.


Very loud sounds damage the inner ear by damaging the hair cells of the cochlea. When loud sounds are exposed to the ear for a short time, one may experience what’s called a temporary threshold shift, or a temporary hearing loss. This hearing loss may be accompanied by tinnitus (a ringing in the ears). One may recover from the temporary loss. But if the ear is exposed to loud sounds over longer periods of time, the hair cells can be permanently damaged, causing permanent sensorineural hearing loss.

Addition information can be found on the John Hopkins Website: HERE

Knowledge is powerful but can be overwhelming! Don’t forget we are in this life together so lets support each other. Any other ideas of where these can and should be worn, leave a comment below 🙂



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