Vlog- Volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch

It has been 4 months now of the kids and I volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch. This is a rescue ranch for horses that have had abuse or neglect in their past. It was important to Darren and I to find something for our kids to serve and learn hard work at, and Echo RanchContinue reading “Vlog- Volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch”

Vlog – Hiking the Gorge in the Winter with Kids

I have always thought of hiking as an enjoyable summer activity, yet I was amazed to learn that hiking is an all-season adventure. Each season brings new beauty to the hiker. But truly I tell you, I never imagined hiking with kids in the winter would be on my agenda; yet this winter has changedContinue reading “Vlog – Hiking the Gorge in the Winter with Kids”

Vlog – Snow Shoeing with Kids

Snow Shoeing with Kids As some of you who have been following along know that we are moving our family from Portland, Oregon to Idaho Falls, Idaho. There are many differences in the two areas BUT one of the MAJOR differences is their WINTER! Here in Oregon (where we live currently), we are lucky if weContinue reading “Vlog – Snow Shoeing with Kids”

Vlog – Baking With Kids

  Baking with Kids We love to bake with our kids. Now, when I say this, it doesn’t mean that it is without hard or messy moments! In fact, sometimes it is hard to gain motivation to do a project like baking with them knowing that there will be lots of training opportunities and messesContinue reading “Vlog – Baking With Kids”

COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!

How many of you lived through the experience of 9/11? I can distinctly remember when I heard the news, and the fear that followed. 9/11 was a historical moment that altered how we operate in our daily living. Anyone else watch older movies where they are meeting someone at the airport and can walk straightContinue reading “COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!”

Standing for Faith while Teaching our Kids

I have been recently convicted strongly about my role at home to be a spiritual example of the importance of apologetics and showing how to stand for truth in front of my home. You might be thinking to yourself, RIGHT ON! But HOW? This is the area of growth for me, I believe the HolyContinue reading “Standing for Faith while Teaching our Kids”

Podcast – Episode #21 – The Importance of Social verses Academic Lessons for Young Kids

Podcast Episode #21 – The Importance of Social verses Academic Lessons for Young Kids We are always hearing about the importance of academic lessons for young children but the social lessons are just as important if not MORE! Listen in on what lessons socially are key for young children! I think you will be inspiredContinue reading “Podcast – Episode #21 – The Importance of Social verses Academic Lessons for Young Kids”

Podcast – Episode #20 – Benefits of Rough House Play

Podcast – Episode #20 – Benefits of Rough House Play There are so many benefits of rough housing with your kids! Listen in for the benefits and guidelines for getting down and rough housing with your kiddos! I think you will be inspired and encouraged! LISTEN HERE:  

Dear Kids I have No idea what I am doing!

Dear Kids, I Have No Idea What I’m Doing By Mary Rabe Dear Kids, I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but I have no idea what I’m doing. This parenting thing? Yeah, I‘m pretty much winging it. Even after 3 kids, I am no expert. See, each of you areContinue reading “Dear Kids I have No idea what I am doing!”

Protect Kids Ears

When I was pregnant with our 4th sweetie pie for our Gender Reveal we did a fun event where mu husband got to shoot and blow up a box with explosives in it and a colored chalk, to reveal either blue or pink. My sister in law was pregnant at the same time and weContinue reading “Protect Kids Ears”

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