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Blogs are so interesting in that you can use them to share so much information. Some of the information shared is educational, comical, sad, and or motivational. But, today I would like to share more of my heart and what God has been teaching us through some major trials in our life.

There has much debate and divisiveness over the JAB that has been created to help with the “pandemic.”  There is so much debate over whether or not people should or shouldn’t get the shot. Before I enter into our story I would like to state that Darren and I believe that each person should have the choice to get the vax or not. We completely respect and support those who chose to get it and equally respect and support those who chose not to. Alright now that that has been stated lets get into what has caused us to feel the need to sell our house and make some seriously huge life changes.

Darren (my incredible hubby) works as a nurse. He was on the frontlines working in the EOC from the very beginning what we are calling COVID-19. The EOC is the Emergency Operation Center, he was in a role in leadership and worked hard to support and help those in need. After the hospital felt that there was not the surge they were anticipating the EOC went back to their main jobs. Darren worked diligently and throughout all of 2020-2021.

In the beginning of the summer of 2021 there was beginning to be rumors that the vaccine that had been made available would also be mandated for all healthcare works. But it was just rumors and nothing had come down the pipe. For our own personal and religious reasons we had decided we would not be getting the jab. Therefore in July when his manager asked him if he would get it and he declined he signed his wavier form which included signing that he would not be able to have sick paid leave if he did get COVID since he was refusing the shot.

Fast forward to August (just one month after signing the paperwork) two new developments had transpired. One, Darren got a work from home only job, still as a nurse and still in the same hospital system. Two, Oregon’s governor decided to mandate that ALL healthcare workers MUST have the vaccine. So we went back to prayer and research to go over the reasons why we had first decided to decline the shot. We discovered that we were confident and settled that all the convictions we held remained that same, we felt that we had a strong conviction both personal and through our Christian Liberty that we would pass on getting the vaccine.  Through Darren’s work they were allowing their workers to submit a religious exemptions that they would then deem if it was acceptable or not. One of the requirements to submit a religious exemption was that your pastor write a letter informing your work of how receiving the vax was against a “core tenant” of your faith. Thankfully our Pastor met with the elders and as a leadership team wrote a letter for Darren as well as others that were faced with the same decision. The letter of course did not specifically say that it is against the Bible to get the jab, but rather defended our Christian liberty to act according to our conscience since Jesus Christ is Lord of the conscience, and we believe we have the Holy Spirit in us as believers. Along with the churches letter, Darren also prepared his own letter explaining his convictions, and an affidavit assuring his American right to religious exemption. He submitted all of these things to his work, we have not heard back whether or not it has been accepted, yet he did get a call from his new manager stating that if he has not the vaccine or exemption approval by Sept 30th he would be put on unpaid leave, then on October 18 would be terminated.

I won’t even get into how the hospital is short staffed already in all positions, or how Darren works from home, not even around people to give or get COVID, but what I will get into is what other action steps we are taking during this trial.

First and foremost I need to say in all caps: GOD IS SO GOOD!!!  He is our provider, protector, and peace! In a time of such turmoil, and a time that can cause anxiety, fear, or depression I have been able to hold on the strong cornerstone of my life: Jesus Christ! Praise the one who is Sovereign and not surprised by any of this!  Through prayer, wise friends, and seeking God through the scriptures we have been led to take a step of faith and sell our home. Selling our home will set us up for whether or not Darren will have a job or be let go. (I should include also that our state is currently threatening that if you are let go because of lack of covid vaccine then you will not be given unemployment.)

Currently, we don’t know if he will have a job in 3 weeks, we don’t know if he will be given unemployment and money to provide for our family of 7. What we do know is God always provides. We were blessed to purchase a new to us trailer 3 years ago and our plan is to live in our trailer as we wait a few months to see what transpires. Ultimately, due to the trajectory of Oregon where we live our plan is to to prayerfully see about moving our family to Idaho. If you are a prayer warrior we would be blessed to have your join us in prayer.

God is Good and will be our guide! There is nothing to fear but God himself, everything is matchless to him, He is the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and our Victory will be in Him who sets us free! Thank you Lord for the courage to stand in the convictions you have given us, it is a lesson that will prepare us for what may come in the future.

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