Just Do It Scared

Thank you to Mary Rabe for bringing up some inspiration to the Raising Rices community! I love learning and growing with you! Thank you for opening and sharing where God is taking you!  Just Do It Scared By: Mary Rabe Have you ever gone about your regular routine and had it end up leading to aContinue reading “Just Do It Scared”

Behold, I am Doing a New Thing

Mary Rabe is a great friend of mine and I was so honored she shared this story of inspiration in person with me, I KNEW that the RaisingRices’ community would be encouraged as well! So thank you Mary for your courage and words of wisdom!   This week God taught me another lesson in letting go. That hasContinue reading “Behold, I am Doing a New Thing”

The Power of Prayer!

“Thank you Mary Rabe for sharing your wisdom with us on this incredible gift God has given us on: PRAYER! It is always a pleasure to be encouraged by you! Thanks for your wisdom to our RaisingRices Village!” – Marissa Rice   A few weeks ago my son came down with a terrible case of croup.Continue reading “The Power of Prayer!”

How to Be Happy!

Our dear friend to RaisingRices, Mary Rabe has written a GREAT piece to share with us about How to Be Happy! This is practical, biblical and thought provoking! Thank you Mary for your wisdom and letting God mold and change you! How to Be Happy 5 Keys to Happiness from Someone Who’s Learned the HardContinue reading “How to Be Happy!”

Tearing Out Emotional Vines – Mary Rabe

Tearing Out Emotional Vines By Mary Rabe The other day I went to a friend’s new house to help her pull ivy up from around a big tree she has in the front yard. The ivy had started out manageable, but when the previous homeowners stopped taking care of it, it completely took over theContinue reading “Tearing Out Emotional Vines – Mary Rabe”

SAY YES – Mary Rabe

Say Yes BY: MARY RABE This last weekend I did something I have never done, and never really thought I would ever do: I responded to an altar call…at a church I’ve never really been to…in front of many people I’ve never met. Those who know me well are aware of how out of characterContinue reading “SAY YES – Mary Rabe”

Dear Kids I have No idea what I am doing!

Dear Kids, I Have No Idea What I’m Doing By Mary Rabe Dear Kids, I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but I have no idea what I’m doing. This parenting thing? Yeah, I‘m pretty much winging it. Even after 3 kids, I am no expert. See, each of you areContinue reading “Dear Kids I have No idea what I am doing!”

Let Him Change You – Mary Rabe

  Let Him Change You By: Mary Rabe I think one of the hardest and scariest things to do is also one that can reap the greatest rewards in our lives: to let God change us. I’ve had firsthand experience with this throughout my life, but probably never more than in the last 6 months. InContinue reading “Let Him Change You – Mary Rabe”

“Seasons of Fear”

I am always inspired, moved and motivated after reading my dear friend and guest writer Mary Rabe’s words! Thank you Mary for always being vulnerable and willing to encourage us! “Seasons of Fear” By MARY RABE My oldest son started having some pretty scary medical symptoms a few weeks back, and as days went by with no improvement andContinue reading ““Seasons of Fear””

Own Your Flavor!

  “Own Your Flavor” By: MARY RABE Hi, my name is Mary and I am a people pleaser. Well, I am a recovering people-pleaser. For most of my life I have cared too much about what people think, and I have just desperately wanted to be liked by “all the people, all the time”. The problemContinue reading “Own Your Flavor!”