Thanksgiving Activities

With Thanksgiving being this week, I can’t be the only parent who waited until the last minute to find a cute thanksgiving activity. Or maybe you are hosting this year and would like some activities for your kiddos guest to do while at your house? Well have no fear I have complied over 30 activitiesContinue reading “Thanksgiving Activities”

Fall Resources

Y’all it’s almost FALL! Fall is almost upon us, and with new routines coming I have made a few schedule cheat sheets to help and I wanted to share with my RaisingRices community! Hope some of these help you (and ME! hahaha) Planner1 (PDF) Planner2 (PDF) Planner3(PDF) Planner4 PDF Planner5 PDF Planner6 (PDF) Planner7 (PDF) Planner8 (PDF)Continue reading “Fall Resources”

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