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As some of you may have heard on our Podcast that for this year 2018, Darren and I have been working towards being intentional with our plans, schedules, and activities. One of these intentional activities we have decided is important to us is: Tea Time Tuesdays or Tea Time with Mom.

Once a week after quiet time the kids join mom at the table for some “tea” and a special treat. We talk about conversations mom feel are important to have as a family, or we have done read aloud time, or we can spend time talking about building sibling relationship in the form of compliments or encouragement (I have a Pinterest board started with ideas for this: HERE)

You may have noticed the quotes around tea, and they are there on purpose because our tea currently looks like warm water with a little bit of honey in it. One day we will move up to “real” tea. We have done warm milk before, apple cider, hot chocolate as well.

I have enjoyed this intentional time, and of course as I am being honest I have not been able to do it every week, but as my freshman basketball coach taught me, “You will miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” So make a plan, give it a try and see what comes from it!

One fun element we have added that my kids LOVE, is something that makes me smile while I remember the memories from my own childhood. Before I tell you what that element is, I must tell you my story behind it. When I was younger, when we were at my grandparents house, they had this white, small, cute little mug and there was a surprise inside:

Yes a little frog, and my brother and I used to LOVE this cup. My grandparents have since then blessed our family with this adorable little cup. However, currently we only have one, that we have been rotating week to week. While sharing and taking turns is super important to learn, I am planning my next amazon purchase to include a few of these babies:

(By clicking on the picture it will take you to a direct link to amazon to purchase these cuties. These are affiliate links, meaning that RaisingRices will benefit from the purchase at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you! This helps us with ministry events!) ….. PS: if you are a family member and feel a desire to get one of these cups or others my kids will thank you hahaha 😉


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3 thoughts on “Tea Time Tuesday’s

  1. Where did they get the frog cup and in what decade? Mine is exactly the same, but with a different handle, and it’s older than the mid-1980s. It does not have any markings as to manufacturer. It was purchases in New Jersey and is now being used by the great-grandchild of its original owner.

      1. Yours is different from mine — mine has a loop handle like a standard mug. It’s extremely light and little bit smaller than a standard coffee mug. Do you think yours is the same age (35+ years)?

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