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My husband has been on a health journey this last year, finding opportunities to develop habits to exercise, eat healthy and spiritual growth. Boy oh Boy this is a battle I myself need to consistently start over and over again as well. This is a life long process of recreating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle not just physically but also spiritually too. SO because it is something we need to consistently be maintaining there is TONS of opportunity for praying for my husbands health.

What I have learned lately is when my husband is thriving in his health and soul that can translate into our families health and souls. Therefore I want to take every opportunity to pray, support and encourage this thriving lifestyle.

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Dear Lord, I pray you would guide my husband in his good health journey and that he would be encourage in both physical and spiritual growth. I pray that you would help me support his journey for health and soul growth. Thank you for the leadership that my husband has, I pray that as he grows that would translate to our families growth more and more. 

Join me in praying for HEALTH and SOUL growth in our families starting with our husbands.


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Raising Households that Serve the Lord! Our goal is that through family focused intentionality, legacy minded thinking, and being rooted in Christ, that we would lead our family to serve the LORD! Joshua 24:15

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