To Put Courage Into

Encourage – to put courage into. If you have been following along you may have noticed that we have had a LOT of decisions to make as a family lately. From selling our house, to moving churches, and standing against the vaccine mandates in our area. With each decision we of course were met withContinue reading “To Put Courage Into”

What’s in a Name?

  When we are born we are given a name.  I know from experience that parents tend to put a lot of care into naming their children. Sometimes the name is a family name, or sometimes the parent likes the meaning of the name, or sometimes parents have thought of what the name would soundContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”

How to Help Your Spouse Spiritually Lead

Hey RaisingRices community Darren and I are super excited to tackle this topic of Spiritual Leadership together, we pray you will be blessed and encouraged. Darren and I had an amazing weekend away in Bend, just the two of us! High Five to our amazing family for blessing us by watching the kiddos (all 5Continue reading “How to Help Your Spouse Spiritually Lead”

Multigenerational Impact

Multigenerational Impact What does the Bible have to say about it? In the Bible it says in Psalm 107:2, “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so,” does this seems like a “of course we will” verse? I hope so, however there are many historical accounts in the Bible of the lack of “say so”Continue reading “Multigenerational Impact”

Prayer for Husband to Be Bold and Brave!

My husband is a confident, wise and courageous man of God. However, when it comes to self-confidence it can feel like his confidence decreases. When I think about when we were first dating, both of us young and not fearful of the world, I remember joking with Darren that he was too confident and borderlineContinue reading “Prayer for Husband to Be Bold and Brave!”

Father – Daughter – Husband – Wife

Do you think that the relationship you have (whether present or absent) with your father affects your relationship with husband (or significant other)? Something to ponder right, whether you are 18 or 81 our experiences with the first man or absent of the first man in our lives can influence us! I was talking withContinue reading “Father – Daughter – Husband – Wife”

Husband – Identity

Today’s prayer for my husband is something that is SUPER important to me! Without shaming myself, I am shocked I haven’t been thoughtful enough to be consistently praying this for him! It is the topic of: Worth and Identity! In this world I feel like we can really be tempted to think less of ourselves,Continue reading “Husband – Identity”

Husbands – Words are POWERFUL

I had some dear friends get in a horrible car accident several years ago, and in true form to help the family we all chipped in and did whatever we could do to support. However, one thing that I saw happening was lots and LOTS of people wrote comments on their Facebook pages that theyContinue reading “Husbands – Words are POWERFUL”

Husband – Grow in Grace and Knowledge

There are so many seasons in life, and within each season so many changes! In this current season of life there can feel like a lot on my husband and my plate. Things we have said yes to. All these yes’s are good yes’s, they are things we enjoy or are needs for our family.Continue reading “Husband – Grow in Grace and Knowledge”

Husbands to Lead the Home

My husband has been working on leading our family spiritually since we have been married. And there has always been this HUGE speed bump that keeps popping up when he leads. This speed bump make it hard for him to have the confidence and ability to lead. It can frustrate him, take over and stealContinue reading “Husbands to Lead the Home”

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