Vlog – At the Coast in Winter

My husband's family grew up at the coast, and even though some moved away others still live there. So, when we have a trip to visit family it is always a joy to be able to spend time at the coast with them. This last trip we went over New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. Darren's aunt owns a fabulous ice cream and sweets hope right at Devils Punch Bowl State Park. Rebecah and Dale are fabulous hosts and have some amazing views from their home. It is always fun to learn from them as well as Darrens parents about the coast. When we went this last time we got to experience a King Tide (super cool!), we found fossils, got to see nature and we especially enjoyed the SUNSHINE. We are always amazed how absolutely beautiful the coast can be during winter. Check out todays Vlog to see some of the beautiful creation we got to see and take a look at what a King Tide is. 

It is always such a joy to be in creation with my family. In addition, a special treat when we can be with our extended family as well. They have a wealth of knowledge we get to learn from. We were so grateful for our time together at the Oregon Coast in January.


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