Vlog – Snow Shoeing with Kids

Snow Shoeing with Kids


As some of you who have been following along know that we are moving our family from Portland, Oregon to Idaho Falls, Idaho. There are many differences in the two areas BUT one of the MAJOR differences is their WINTER! Here in Oregon (where we live currently), we are lucky if we get a week of snow, well, in Idaho they will have snow from November to March. While snow is beautiful and will be a huge life adjustment, one of the recommendations many people have given us in order to enjoy the winter we should work hard to find a winter sport or family activity. 

We have many winter activities we want to try, and while we were camping this fall in Bend, Oregon we stopped by Costco, and they were having a sale on their snowshoes. We took this as an opportunity to try something new that could be a fun winter activity to do as a family. Check out our first time out wearing our snowshoes. 


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