Vlog – Quilting Day with Nana

Madeline and I had the opportunity to do a quilting day with Nana. We went to Nana's house Friday evening started sewing then Madeline got to stay the night and the next day (Saturday) we worked until noon. It was a short, sweet, and successful time together. Each of us had a project we were working on: Madeline was working on a quilt for her bed that she had started on our hunting trip in the fall but we realized that she need more pink squares, Marissa (me) was working on a table runner to match the cloth napkins she had made with Darren's (hubby) grandma, and Nana (Marissa's mom) was working on a baby quilts for Foster families, she helps organizes Boxes of Love at her church (a local organization for supporting Foster families in the area. Watch today to see and hear how the time together went. Enjoy!



Quilting Day with Madeline

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