Vlog – Sausage Making for our First Time

One of our goals as we prepare for our future homestead is to start to learn and experience the different parts of the process that we can do without yet living on our land. In today's vlog you will get to see PART 2 of our sausage making adventure.

Darren and boys along with Grandpa built from scratch a smoker that would attach on to the smoker at Darren's dad's house. You will see in today's Vlog whether or not that was a successful design. We have been learning and experiencing so much throughout these small adventures and it is exciting to know we get to take those lessons with us to our Legacy Farm

Enjoy todays Vlog and leave in the comments if you have a favorite kind of sausage flavor in the comments. We tried two flavor profiles:  Kielbasa and Country Sausage (like a bratwurst style). Next time I would love to also try breakfast sausage, yum!

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