Vlog- Volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch

It has been 4 months now of the kids and I volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch. This is a rescue ranch for horses that have had abuse or neglect in their past. It was important to Darren and I to find something for our kids to serve and learn hard work at, and Echo RanchContinue reading “Vlog- Volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch”

Vlog – Sausage Making for our First Time

One of our goals as we prepare for our future homestead is to start to learn and experience the different parts of the process that we can do without yet living on our land. In today’s vlog you will get to see PART 2 of our sausage making adventure. Darren and boys along with GrandpaContinue reading “Vlog – Sausage Making for our First Time”

Homemade Ranch

  In our household Ranch is a staple for mealtime. We used to buy premade Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, then progressed to the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing dry mix pack. This obsession with Ranch has driven us to create our very own Ranch Mix. We are excited to share with you the different ways weContinue reading “Homemade Ranch”

Homemade Artisan Bread Course LAUNCH!

We have been so excited to create our very first HOMEMADE ARTISAN BREAD COURSE! This course teaches our No- Knead – No Fail Artisan Bread. This bread is so versatile, and super tolerant to mistakes, which makes it the perfect bread to start to learn on!   We decided to put our Artisan Bread courseContinue reading “Homemade Artisan Bread Course LAUNCH!”

Pumpkin Time

Every fall I always enjoy the beautiful changing of the tree leaves, the crisp air and the fall treats! Our oldest daughter is just now 4 and we as a family haven’t really gotten into the “halloween” events that usually go with what we think of when we think of the fall season. My husbandContinue reading “Pumpkin Time”

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