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I can not begin to tell you how many times a day I find myself cleaning our kitchen table! It seems to be the catch all of things! From coloring books to play dough to my papers, I am consistently cleaning the table.

We are now a family of 6! To be more accurate we are a family of 6 that loves to have family and friends dwell with us. We ENJOY so much hosting people at our house! So because of our growing family and our love of people, my hubby and I decided we needed a larger table :). So Darren went to building one for us! Our table seats up to 12 comfortably and we have been known to squish more in or grab another table.


My fabulous husband is what I would call a minimalist. He LOVES a clean table! He loves cleared surfaces and declutter lifestyle. My own mom is the same way! So I don’t know what happened to me haha! No really, I have personally come a long way from the cluttered lifestyle to the minimalist side of life. I always wonder why some people thrive off of clean and clear spaces, then I heard a quote at a women’s conference that spoke to this beautifully for me. They said the goal to organizing and declutter is to get all the details of your life, “clean, clear, current and complete,” because then once you, “get it out of the brain or out of the way, it makes more room for creative ideas.”  And boy oh boy I have seen the creative opportunities happen when we are, “clean, clear, current and complete.”

BUT, why does it seem like the family table is ALWAYS dirty! The answer is clear: WE SPEND TIME AT IT!

I recently read an article I found inspiring by Sally Clarkson, Click HERE if you would like to read it. But, I would like to share a few quotes with you that were so motivating when it comes to the family table.

Sally starts off by talking about how busy we are in life and she follows up by saying, “I think, we get lost in these multitudinous tasks that rule our lives, and we lose sight of the underlying purpose behind all these tasks, which is to prepare our children to go into the world and bring light, love and beauty to a fallen world. Each of us is to play a part in God’s kingdom work. Right in our homes we have the potential to raise future leaders who are moral, filled with faith and ready to take hold of their arenas for Christ.” I love the purpose we have in our children’s lives. I am growing excited when I see opportunities to disciple my kiddos.

What does this have to do with the family table you maybe be thinking. Well! GREAT QUESTION! How many times do you find yourself at the family table? We are there breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks a day, cooling time, play dough time, family game time, and more! You name it! We are always at the table! There is one time though we have cherished and that is DINNER TIME, because that is when DADDY is home! I love what Sally says about her dinner time,

“when I learned to see our time together at dinner as a time when we could all breathe in grace, comfort, inspiration and a place where everyone could find welcome and love, I purposed to design such a space. I came to understand that I was the conductor of such dreams, soul treasures, and it gave me direction in how I planned to be intentional each night to pass on the encouragement their hearts needed in these areas. 

When children hear the words verbalized night after night, “Thank you, Lord, so much for the sweet children you have given us. We are so grateful that you always love us and want us to be with you. We are thankful for this meal and all the ways we see your faithfulness in our lives today. Be with us as we spend time together tonight. Help us to know how we might serve you and others through all the days of our lives.”

When they feel you have prepared for them by buying or making something tasty. When the table is a place where everyone can share their feelings and be accepted and tell the details of their day, when no dreams are considered too big to verbalize, these rhythms will begin to touch deep places in their heart that they long to have filled.

To have a place to belong and be cherished every day is a gift that few people feel in their lifetimes.”

What a beautiful perspective on the family table. This is a place to come, sit, talk and love one-another. I know in my husbands and my growing up years we had the example set by our parents of family meals. We are both so grateful for that and pray to continue the legacy of being together.

My prayer would be that we will soon need a bigger table!


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Raising Households that Serve the Lord! Our goal is that through family focused intentionality, legacy minded thinking, and being rooted in Christ, that we would lead our family to serve the LORD! Joshua 24:15

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  1. Marisa,

    You are such a blessing to your sweet family. You keep Daddy in the #1 spot….I love that. The respect you show him will be the greatest example to your kiddos.

    Blessings to ALL,

    Kathy Beckers

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  2. This theme was so thoughtfully written about and I know lived out in your lives! I love that. You live intentionally!

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