I am Not a Craft Mom


I am not a artisty mom. Sometimes I wish I was. I think that my sister in law (of no blood relation) got ALL of the art skills that our family could possibility handle! My Sister-in-law is an amazing artist, she owns her own bakery and does amazing 3-D cakes. I mean look at this cake she made:

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So I repeat I am not a artisty. Which leads to perhaps my fear of arts and crafts. I am currently working on preschool with my littles and preparing my oldest for Kindergarten, and I feel like the BULK of activities are ARTS and CRAFTS! AHHHHH!!!! Things like writing, reading, math excite me and I enjoy teaching my kids. But when it comes to expanding their horizons and getting messy, I feel like I am a failure.

HELP! I am NOT a crafty MOM!

So there is only one thing a mom can do when she is in these situations, give herself grace and shop in the dollar bins! YES my secret has been revealed! The majority of my kids arts and craft supplies, activities, and projects come from the dollar bins!

Todays painting craft for all three older kids to have their own “special” creations were a dollar each, they came with paint brush, three different colored paints (which was totally more manageable for me) and a wooden board outlined in a design (angel, race car, and rainbow in the clouds).


Maybe one day I will be more crafty, I mean I have enough pins pinned on my Pinterest to do a craft every day for the rest of my life. But for now I do what is manageable for me in my life, I give myself lots of grace. And I will pray some of my sister-in-laws talents in the arts rub off on them.

This is our home, laced in God’s Grace!

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