Well I did it! I took a leap and decided to get Invisalign. Have you heard of it before? It is these “invisible” retainers that help slowly move your teeth into their right places. In my case the treatment of wearing the retainers should go about 6 months in which I change retainers every 2 weeks.

I never had braces grown up. I did however need to get a few baby teeth (in the back) pulled to allow an adult tooth to come down and it still apparently needed more room so I wore a metal retainer for a short period of time so the retainer would spread the other adult teeth apart to allow the infamous tooth to come down. Then when it finally made its glorious appearing it turns out it wasn’t as glorious as it was appearing, because it was BACKWARDS. Yes, I have a backwards tooth, however since it arrive to the scene when I was about 8 it has been slowly turning ever since. And fingers crossed it will finally show its true face eventually.

My dentist is the one who after hearing my concerns of my teeth moving in a adulthood suggested I give Invisalign a try. I am super excited about the potential of these bad boys, even though it as only been a week. (See picture below)


Seth Monson is my dentist at Main Street Dental  in Gresham, Oregon. This amazing dentist has blown me out of the water about my views on going to the dentist. I mean lets face it, the dentist can get a pretty bad rap. Attending a place where they poke and scrap and prod at your teeth has a uphill battle to start with. But don’t be alarmed when I tell you this, Dr. Seth somehow someway makes these necessary procedures (dare I say it) FUN! His personally can win over anyone, his compassion  for the patients feelings is one like no other, and the atmosphere that has been created at Main Street Dental feels like home. When I had to get fitted to wear my retainers, there was Lauren Dangle, All Sons and Daughters, Rent Collective and more playing, the building itself was this older home in Gresham transformed into a Dentist office, it has this cute fireplace waiting area with darling toys for kids, and as you are in the patient rooms you look out to a beautiful landscaped yard, they have truly done a great job making something like going to the dentist into a safe, comfortable, and desirable place to be.

One thing I am learning now as a mom in regards to the dentist is that my different kids all have different reactions to the dentist (go figure haha). My oldest (who is 4) has been “going” to the dentist since the age of 2 and just this last visit had the full cleaning. My dentist office does a great thing call “Chair Rides” which is a service they provide to the kids when they are first learning about the dentist. During a “Chair Ride” the kids get to sit on the patient chair, they are shown and can touch, feel, and play with the different tools the dental assistants use (obviously not the shape ones), they are given tooth brushes, a special gift from the dentist when they meet him, and tons of fun attention from the staff. My oldest had 3 chair rides before she was able to do the full cleaning. During the prior chair ride to this last time, she was able to half of the cleaning. My 2nd child (who is about to turn 3) has had 3 chair rides and this last one he finally sat on the chair. The staff is so patient with him which is great because I see a lot more chair rides in his future. My 3rd child (who is one and a half now) had his first chair ride this past visit and sat on the chair, played with the equipment and had a ball. Oh kids, it is an adventure getting to know each one!


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