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We try to be a family of prayer. When we go to bed we try to have a prayer with each kid.  During each meal we try to have a family prayer of thankfulness. If a member of the family is in need, sick, or has a big life change we try to take time to pray within the day for them.

PRAYER is so IMPORTANT but sometimes we can become such a rut when it comes to prayer. Example: “Dear Lord thank you for our food amen.” Don’t get me wrong I think that is a great prayer IF it comes from the heart and is meaningful not just something we repeating every meal. But the point is I want prayer to be something from the HEART.

My children are all young and part of training and teaching is showing how to pray, but it has been important to me that my children SAY the words, and are given the opportunity to lead the prayers during family prayer time, (even if that means still having support from their parents).

My prayer for my kids prayer life is that they would have the desire to turn to God in prayer in all aspects of their lives.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Never stop praying.”

So when we are showing our kids about prayer, I truly TRY (notice I say try cause I am learning right along with them about prayer and strengthening my prayer life too),  to make the “reason” for prayer to show all aspects of life: thankfulness, need, joy, future, present, forgiveness, pain, sadness, deceleration of praise, declaring who God is and more!



Dear Lord, I pray for my children that they would desire to turn to You often in prayer, and for all reasons, never ceasing to pray! Lord, I pray that I would be an example to my children on how to always be praying, and having a heart of prayer! Thank you Lord for the blessing of prayer! 

Join me as I pray for my children and myself that we would turn to prayer OFTEN!


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