Jonah’s Birth Story


Jonah is my big guy! He is a bundle of joy and when I say bundle I mean bundle! Currently Jonah is 1 and 1/2 and is bigger then his brother who is almost 3! He is my chunk who I can’t get enough of! He is strong, determined, independent and loves his daddy!

As we walk through memory lane and read through Jonah’s birth story, Jonah was my most difficult labor and my shortest story that I wrote the day after (I was probably exhausted but he is completely worth it!)

Here is the story of Jonah:

Jonah James Rice was born today April 15th 2016 πŸ™‚ tax day haha. He was 10 pounds!!! 36 cm head, 38.5cm chest, stomach 38.5cm, length 22.5 inches. And came out looking like a twin to Noah πŸ™‚

Labor was different which made it confusing to me but thanks to my AMAZING husband Darren Rice, Jonah was born heathy and strong!

I started “pre” labor around 11:00 pm Thursday night, about ten mins apart, back and front labor (close but not exactly like Madeline and Noah … This should have been my first clue). We called the team around 2:00 am because we didn’t want them to be late like we did with Madeline lol. They arrived around 3:00 and thought we were on track. Contractions where strong and 3-4 mins apart. The team set up and got everything ready in case Jonah came like Noah and Madeline. But nope this third baby had different plans, I continued to labor the same (no closer or farther apart) until 10:00 am and the team and I decided we should either prepare for a few more hours or check to see what was going on. The last we checked I was 9.5 cm dilated but Jonah was still working his way down (when they felt they discovered he had his hand by his head and later we learned how big he was and needed the room). We decided to break my water to make more room for my chunky monkey and he moved quickly down once that happened. We got ready to push at 11:00 and he was out (by Gods grace) by 11:09 am. Jonah’s head came out like the others but his football size shoulders gave me a run for my money (similar to Noah but even bigger lol). Had to get into a new pushing position to help with the shoulders and my wonderful team helped my sweet boy get out! (Looking forward to having Dr. Larry Hanberg and Tara do a check on him :)). After he was out I was an emotional wreck lol another thing that never happened before (I cried for like an hour … Crazy …. I don’t know if it was lack of sleep or a taste of the future lol). My mom Donna Brown got to attend the birth (first one of my births since I “thought” by now I knew what was happening hahaha) and she got to cut the cord. My sweet mother in law was also in attendance and helping with my kiddos as well as my dad David Brown πŸ™‚ and I didn’t worry about them once πŸ™‚

What an amazing roller coaster ride and spiritual growth for Darren and I. We prayed together so much during those 3 mins of waiting πŸ™‚ at the time seemed like forever but looking back I LOVED that instead of being upset we turned to God together and He has blessed this family in so many ways!

Praise God, thank you to our team and our FAMILY!

Jonah James πŸ™‚

My 10 Pound Lovey
My sister and little brother
Daddy and Jonah
Daddy, Mommy and Jonah
Mommy and Jonah
“Little” Jonah


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