Noah’s Birth Story


My sweet Noah is my baby number 2 and my first boy. He is still today the biggest sweetheart you will every meet!

As we continue my memory lane week, I hope you enjoy this quick recap of his birth story, again written in my sleep deprived, falling in love with my little man state:

Noah’s Birth Story

On Tuesday, January 20th Marissa had a doctors appointment that morning to check in on Noah’s progress. Everything was looking great. Katherine our midwife said she thought I looked like Marissa was ready to have a baby and she would be surprised if she didn’t get a call that day saying labor has started. Marissa then headed to see Dr. Larry to get an adjustment. On the way from Katherine’s to Larry’s Marissa thought she felt some back pain similar to what she felt during pre-labor with Madeline. After Dr. Larry’s adjustment the time was 11:30 am. During the drive home Marissa felt some more back pain and by watching the clock they seemed to be 30 minutes apart and lasting only 30 seconds. After Marissa got home she texted Darren at work. Darren and Marissa watched as the back pain grew to 45-60 seconds in length and became 15-20 minutes apart. Darren decided to come home around 2:00 pm. Donna (Nana) came to get Madeline around 4:00 pm. The back pain started growing closer together and growing in length of time. Darren called Katherine to update her. After Nana came and picked up Madeline, Marissa’s back pain got closer to 5-8 minutes apart and 60-90 seconds. Marissa and Darren worked through the pain using the Bradley Method coaching strategies. Darren stayed in contact with Katherine and her team. They decided to come to the home around 9:00 pm. Right before the team arrived Marissa decided to get into the birthing tub. When the team arrived at 9:00 they checked on Marissa and Noah. The team decided the tub needed to be warmer in case Noah was to be delivered in the tub. Marissa labored in the birth tub from 9:00 to 11:45. During that time Darren did a wonderful job coaching, the team checked on Marissa and Noah, and Marissa’s water broke. At 11:45 Marissa decided she wanted to sit on the toilet since she was feeling like she needed to used the restroom. Marissa had 2 contractions on the toilet then Katherine asked where we would like to have to baby since he was coming and she felt the contractions moved to pushing contractions. Marissa decided she was too warm to return to the birthing pool and moved to the stool. With Darren behind her she pushed for 14 minutes before Noah arrived. On the way out Noah’s shoulders got struck and didn’t turn fully for him to come out but with two more pushes he corrected himself. Noah entered to the world and laid right on Marissa. He was happy and so comfortable he decided to pee on Marissa ;). (He claimed her as his own right from the beginning J) Noah was born at 12:05 am on Wednesday, January 21st (which was he official due date.)


Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz

Length: 55 cm

Head: 36 cm

Chest: 37 cm

Length of labor: 5hrs

Pushing length: 14 minutes

Born 12:05 am on Jan 21st

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