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As we all know by now I am obsessed with Pinterest! Currently I have 14,417 pins hahah! I even started a completed board for all the pins that I have completed!

In one of my boards under the heading of Build My Own Dream Home, I have pinned multiple pins on double washer and dryers. With the size of my growing family I decided having two sets of washer and dryers is a MUST in my DREAM home.

My fabulous husband is always looking for ways to make my dreams come true and to make life easier as well as more productive. So, in an effort to make those things happen he decided that a double washer and dryer is something we don’t have to wait for our DREAM home to have.

So I present to you: The Rice Laundry Mat


This all came about since my brother and sister in law were moving out of there home and had this beautiful new set of clothes cleaning machines.

How can this work? I wondered the same thing. Thankfully the dryer we own is a gas hook up and the dryer we received is an eclectic dryer. Then Darren created a Y drain for the washer.

I can say that I have been running all 4 at once and have not drained or burned the house down …. yet.

Thank you Darren for making our LOADS and LOADS of laundry a little easier 🙂



(This is a painting of a verse we put in our Laundry Room :))


What are some of your Laundry tips and tricks :)???



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