Living in a Fishbowl

Me … age 4

Growing up as a Pastors Daughter there was times I felt I was living in a fishbowl and eyes were watching me make all my life choices. My parents did a great job not “advertising” my faults, or my learning opportunities. Thankfully I didn’t grow up in the Facebook world. I would be embarrassed to look back and see advertised my faults and mistakes for anyone to see. This is not because I think I should have been perfect and not made mistakes (everyone makes mistakes), or that I didn’t learn from my mistakes, (because trust me I LEARNED A LOT growing up because of them). This is because I am always being refined and changing by the grace of God, and I don’t want to live in the memories of the old but in the hope of the new.

Please hear me out, I WANT to relive and remember the good memories, the ones that changed my life and make me smile and laugh out loud. SO because of this I want to remember the good, laughable, sweet memories of my kids too. I want to try my best not to advertise their faults, or learning opportunities. I want to record something they wouldn’t be embarrassed to reread when they are adults.

So WHY am I writing this? What is the point? I want to assure any reader, family member or friend out there that my family is not without our faults, (we have a lot!) But as I get chances to write and record our process in Raising Rices (our kids), I want to share our success stories, our parenting wins, our processes and values. I want to record a lasting memory of us, our family, our faith and our legacy. Will there be stories of second chances and discipling opportunities, YES and more I am sure!

I want to encourage, inspire, be real, and enjoy the process 🙂

Enjoy the journey!



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