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Memory lane continues:

I have had the opportunity to announce that Darren and I are expecting 4 times! Here is how we did it.

Baby #1:

We hosted a family dinner and their “appetizer” was in a little Chinese take out box on their plates. When they opened it this is what they found:


White oneies with sayings like: I can’t wait to bake with auntie, I can’t wait to garden with Papa, I cant wait to play basketball with uncle etc.


Baby #2

During Fathers Days we handed out cards to the dads and they had these pictures in them (thank you velvet for your photos):

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Darren LOVES to play the guitar so we were creating our family band 😉

Note: It took my mom to lean over and see the pictures in my dads card to say “OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE PREGNANT!” Thanks mom for helping dad out haha!


Baby #3

We had our one boy and one girl so for this next announcement we announced we were having a “tie breaker.” During Thanksgiving 2015 we told our family with this goofy pictures (we have one dog which is a male and one that is a female so of course we had to include them. Thank you Thomas for taking our photo)



Baby #4

With our most recent baby we found out we were pregnant right before Christmas so when we were with our family we gave them each one of these in their Christmas present:

(Sorry for the screen shot of my computer ;))

But after we told our family we decided to share this photo to announce with our friends (Thank you Mary again for taking the photo):



Maybe …….



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