Gender Reveals


Yes, I am one of those fun, crazy people who LOVE gender reveals! And I have had the opportunity to do 4 of them so far! šŸ™‚

Here are our reveals that we got to do:

Baby Number #1:

We had a gender reveal inside our house (it was spring in Oregon and wet lol). We asked our guest to wear the color of gender they think it will be. And the best part was my sister-in-law and mom were the only ones that knew the gender. During the ultrasound the tech wrote it on a piece of paper and my sister-in-law and her great cake skills made the reveal cake for us! šŸ™‚


Yes! Madeline was a girl! šŸ™‚


Baby #2

Boy or Girl Silly String


We went to dollar tree and bought a bunch of pink and blue silly string and a friend (Lauren) helped cover them all and discarded the lids, and set it up for BLUE BOY!

Darren and I were silly stringed in our back yard by 30 of our friends and family! We have a wonderful video of it šŸ™‚ (but sadly this wordpress won’t let me upload it in my current setting so here are screen shots of the event.)



Baby #3

We had another gathering of friends and family together to reveal if it would be blue balloons or pinks balloons. When we asked Madeline if she wants a boy or girl, she responded “BOY”

WELL Madeline got her wish! Another brother šŸ™‚ This one we found out and surprised our family šŸ™‚ So we revealed to everyone through the balloons.


Baby #4

This pregnancy I had the opportunity to be pregnant with my Sister in Law Shannon. We ended up having our baby 12 days apart! So this reveal we had the opportunity to reveal our genders together šŸ™‚

HOWEVER my parents would be out of town on the weekend we were going to reveal to the family so we did a special reveal before and Darren and I found out along side my parents and brother with his wife. Again we had the ultrasound tech write on a piece of paper the gender and I gave it to my friend Janelle who purchased white straws that change color (either pink or blue) when you drank cold water through them.

So we got a two for one with this baby gender reveal:

With my parents:

And here is the joined reveal:

Darren and his brother in law Chris are big shooting buddies so this reveal was perfect for them!



So here is the big question: will there be more gender reveals in the future? Maybe? We will see šŸ™‚

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