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We are excited that Summer is right around the corner! In fact many of my friends are celebrating TODAY as the end of their 2019-2020 school year! CONGRATULATIONS FRIENDS!!!! (This year the Rice family is going to try year round schooling, more to come on that later, I will be posting lots on Instagram so make sure to follow us @raisingrices)

With all that said we are thrilled to be joining up with Raphah Mama  and working to MAKE SUMMER 2020 COUNT! We have broke it down to THREE main goals:

1. 100 Hours Outside Each Month 
  • We want to share the benefits of being outdoors (for kids and parents), the specific ways kids learn outdoors, and practical ideas and tips for adding more outdoor time to your day

2. 20 Books in Summer 2020 

  • A fun way to track reading this summer, ideas for getting a variety of genres for your kids to read, and ways to motivate reluctant readers

3. 12 Summer Service Activities

  • We want to teach our kids the importance of serving others and sharing God’s love with the world, so we want to come up with different ideas or how our kids/families can find ways to do that this summer.


If you are anything like me I NEED something to help me keep track and motivated and nothing helps more then a good FRIEND and a check off list! HAHAHA! So that is exactly what we have created for us all to work together. So please join us and use these FREE downloadable PDF’s! Also tag us @raisingrices on Instagram and Facebook so we can celebrate with you and create our accountability community!

1. 100 Hours Outside Each Month 

Copy of #100outsidehours

2. 20 Books in Summer 2020 

2020 - 20 Books

3. 12 Summer Service Activities

A summer of Service




We are so excited to be making this summer count! LET’S DO THIS!


Make Summer 2020 Count !


We are so excited to announce that this summer we are teaming up with a dear friend over at Raphah Mama to take hold of our summer plans and make them COUNT! This year 2020 we have been hit with a very unusual event: COVID-19! My friend Mary and I decided we are not going to let this summer pass by living in this COVID-19 fear based world but instead grab the bull by the horns and make this summer a summer of new habits like: spending time outdoors, finding ways to serve others and reading some great books!

This summer we are excited to set some obtainable goals, and check them off as our families accomplish them. However, it is never fun to do alone which is why we teamed up and why we are asking YOU to join us!!

Mary over at Raphah Mama started us off with a GREAT article that really allows us to process through how to grasp hold of this summer with both hands and get our feet ready for action. (Below is the beginning of her article shared with permission by Raphah Mama).

We are also excited to provide you with a FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF to print off and keep track of your outside hours. (SEE BELOW)

Planning for A Happy Summer

(Even with COVID-19 Still Around)

By: Mary Rabe


At the start of COVID-19 and the resulting lock-down, I thought that surely things would be back to normal by the summer. Now that school is wrapping up, though, my home state has still only barely begun to enter early phases of opening, and many of our family’s favorite summer events have been cancelled. This has been a hard pill to swallow, for sure, and it’s been tempting to kind of just give up on the idea of still having a fun summer. I’ve come to realize, though, that just giving up and postponing any kind of “real life” until things settle down is just going to lead to discouragement and depression for my family. Rather than giving in to that, my good friend over at Raising Rices and I have decided to team up and try to see how we can plan for a fun, purposeful summer even with COVID-19 still going on. Over the next few weeks, we hope to share ideas, resources, and a bit of a layout to help us all in seeking the goal of still enjoying the special season of summer! For today, I want to share some ideas and inspiration for you to start planning out a purposeful summer.

1. Process
Before we get to the practical ideas, I think we all have some processing to do. This is a very unique summer, with both incredible potential and also very real loss/grief, and before we can really put any kind of purposeful plan in place, we need to acknowledge a few things.
  • This summer could hold some disappointment and grief. There are things that we were looking forward to that are no longer going to happen. Festivals, concerts, graduations, sporting events, vacations, summer camps… Just like at the beginning of quarantine when many things were cancelled and we all felt tremendous loss and grief, I believe that’s probably going to happen again for this summer. I, for one, don’t like feeling grief and sadness, but I’m recognizing that trying to ignore loss doesn’t do me any good. I think the best thing to do is to recognize that there is loss here, things that we wanted to do and are sad to not have, and go ahead and grieve them. Let your kids grieve, too; I’m sure they had things they were hoping for from summers past and may need to talk through not having them this year.
  • At the same time that we grieve what we don’t get to have this summer, we want to make sure that we keep the following in mind: God is in control, His plans are better, and He has unique blessings and opportunities for this specific summer. Don’t let the grief of what you don’t get to have blind you to the gifts and opportunities that God has for you and your family!
I really believe that both of these steps are important in order to be able to have a purposeful summer this year. We have to get through the phases of grief and come to a place of acceptance in order to have the motivation, energy, and clarity needed to move ahead. Something to consider might be to write down the things you and your kids/family are grieving and then pray over them, sharing with God the sadness you feel and then giving them over to Him and submitting to His plans and purpose for your summer. I promise you, this is a prayer He will be happy to answer.
“Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is our refuge.”
~Psalm 62:8
You are going to want to finish Raphah Mama’s article it is amazing for processing through how this summer can look!


As you have read (or will read) on Raphah Mama’s page we are setting an accountability goals of:

1. 100 Hours Outside Each Month 
  • We want to share the benefits of being outdoors (for kids and parents), the specific ways kids learn outdoors, and practical ideas and tips for adding more outdoor time to your day

2. 20 Books in Summer 2020 

  • A fun way to track reading this summer, ideas for getting a variety of genres for your kids to read, and ways to motivate reluctant readers

3. 12 Summer Service Activities

  • We want to teach our kids the importance of serving others and sharing God’s love with the world, so we want to come up with different ideas or how our kids/families can find ways to do that this summer.


WOAH seems like a lot?! That is what I thought at first until we broke it down. On this post we are excited to share one way to make the 100 hours a month obtainable: with out trackable PDF, our accountability hashtag and our Daily Check in 🙂

Copy of #100outsidehours


If you follow @raisingrices on Instagram we have a daily check in for you to share and color in and post as a accountability piece as well as a way to bring others along with us in this journey! Use this image and make sure to tag us @raisingrices we can not wait starting in June to do this TOGETHER!!! Have fun coloring in the daily 3 hour check in. Raphah Mama and I have figured out if you do slightly more then 3 hours a day you will get you 100 hours in a month! So make it a goal to get a minimum of 3 hours a day which is a wonderful start! If you need encouragement as to why check out on blog here!


Sample to Color in:



WE BOTH are so excited make this summer a summer to REMEMBER and not due to COVID-19 but due to the fact that we established new rhythms and created lifelong memories! JOIN US!


Get Outside – #100hoursoutsideamonth



  • Spending time outdoors may lower blood pressure
  • Soaking up the sun elevates Vitamin D levels
  • Outdoor time can reduce inflammation
  • Being outside is good for eyesight
  • Outdoor time improves sleep
  • Being outdoors burns more calories (compared to indoor)
  • Spending time outside relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Outdoor time relieves pain naturally
  • Spending time in green spaces boosts immunity
  • Being outdoors generates creativity


  • Being outside builds physically healthier children
  • Outdoor time contributes to cognitive and social/emotional development
  • Spending time outdoors improves sensory skills
  • Outdoors increases attention spans
  • Being outside builds better immunity and happiness

I could go on and on but we will save that for a future blog. 😉

To say there is a benefit from being outside is an understatement YET why can it be so hard sometimes to make time in our days to get our families outside?? As you may have discovered here on the RaisingRices Blog I love finding measurable, or track keeping ways to have my household run smoothly. Therefore I have created not only a goal for our household but a FUN tracking sheet that will guide out family to obtaining out goal!

GOAL: SPEND 100 HOURS A MONTH OUTSIDE! #100hoursoutsideamonth

As a household we have started in MAY. We have created a printed PDF sheet (below) that we are marking off a box every hour we spend outside. There are 50 boxes (one box for ever two hours) and if you divide up the 100 hours needed for the month it is about 3 hours a day (3.3 to be exact). THIS IS TOTALLY DOABLE WITH A PLAN! When I see it broken up in that way I feel more confident it making it happen!

One last thing which I feel is important to note: we aren’t just playing all three hours, some of the time we are working on our garden, cleaning up the yard, or maybe we decide to go take a book outside and a blanket for quiet time. Perhaps we are going on a family walk, or taking a quick 10 minute play break in our school. We might head outside for art time and find a flower to color or a bug to investigate and make observation about. The options are endless: go to the park, ride a bike, have a picnic, BBQ outside, exercise, water the yard, swim in a pool, build a fort, swing on a swing, walk to dog, mow the yard, and MORE!

So my friends here is the MAY SHEET 🙂 and I am already working on JUNE! Can’t wait to have this accountability from you all! SO when you are on social media tag us at @raisingrices on Instagram or Facebook so we can see your outdoor play, and use the hashtag #100hoursoutsideamonth we are so looking forward to inspiring one-another.

PDF DOWNLOAD HERE: #100outsidehoursMAY




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COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!


How many of you lived through the experience of 9/11? I can distinctly remember when I heard the news, and the fear that followed. 9/11 was a historical moment that altered how we operate in our daily living. Anyone else watch older movies where they are meeting someone at the airport and can walk straight to the plane? Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore due to the events of 9/11.

During this COVID-19 there can be fear and uncertainty. One of the memories I have during 9/11 was unanswered questions which caused fear and uncertainty. Therefore I wanted to provide my family and other families a way to process these emotions. And this is where the COVID-19 resource packet comes into play.

This much needed resource is helpful in allowing kids of all ages to process through these changing times. I personally recall when 9/11 happened and how the world changed before my very eyes, things that once were became something new and forever changed.

Within the PDF printable packet you will find:

  • Personal refection worksheets on how life is currently
  • The Blessings to be found in this time and how to bless others
  • Prayer journal with writing or drawing options
  • Fun moments and bringing the best in the moment out
  • Hard moments to promote conversations with family
  • Promises that God gives us in his scripture, journal pages to reflect and color sheets with scripture on it.


Orange Blue Collage International Friendship Day Instagram Post

This resource is one of the ways we are working to supporting families. We also are using it as a fundraiser to help earn money to pay for Darren Rice to attend seminary. So we thank you for helping us walk this journey together, following God’s call 🙂




Hello Friends! Darren and I have put together an EASTER RESOURCE for you all! We are super excited to offer this resource especially during this time of being quarantined during to the COVID-19 virus.

Our prayer is that this resource will help you focus in on JESUS CHRIST our LORD, during this time. These resources can be used as a collection or independently of each other. We hope that they will bless you and help you as we all are building households that serve the LORD! – Joshua 24:15

Included in the resource packet are the following:

– 9 Day Devotional preparing our hearts for Easter. Each day there is a theme, scripture reading, some diving deeper into theological history and context (at a level where all family members can participate), where to find the theme in all 4 of the Gospels, and a few questions that can lead your family into conversation about the reading of the day.

– 16 coloring pages to help all age learnings have things to do during the devotional time. Or feel free to use them however and whenver you see fit

– 9 different color art puzzles that has the order of events displayed on them. The idea behind this is to print them out, cut the out the events into strips (or however you would like to break apart the puzzle), roll them up and put them inside easter eggs. After the kids find and open the eggs they can put the puzzle together. (Suggestion would be to tape them on another piece of paper when completed the puzzle, since the papers might be bent in the process.)

– Lastly, there is included 3 posters that can be used to print and talk about the generous gifts we receieve through Christ’s sacrifice

This resource PDF’s we are using as a fundraiser to help Darren save for seminary. If you have been following along our journey you have heard it is our heart to be good stewards of the blessings God has given us. In that we have learned about what the Bible says about debt and are working this year to pay off our remaining debt and not go into more debt to have him attend seminary on loans. Therefore, we are diligently fundraising and saving money, knowing that God will provide. Thank you for walking along this journey with us!


Direct message me at: and we are taking payment via PayPal or Venom 🙂 and sending the resource PDF’s directly to your email 🙂


Thanks again everyone!!!!

Seminary on the Horizon

The Rice family has some exciting news to share!!! Normally I (Marissa) am the author of our blog post but today we have some excited news to share from my hubby (Darren)

From Darren:

Throughout life there is opportunity for choices, some choices change little regarding your direction in life, others drastically alter the course of your life, your family and those around you. My life has repeatedly been altered by the decision to pursue relationship with Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Bible to be the only source of truth in my life that all other things are tested against. Now to be honest its an up and down road, sometimes relying on myself and my own plans and sometimes really relying and resting in what the Bible says and my relationship with God. But through everything I can strongly say this, God is faithful! He is faithful through all things and will always provide what we need if we are pursuing him.

Here is the crazy thing I have found through the process of surrendering my life to God. He has some crazy plans, as I have studied the word, applied it to my life and allowed God’s word to convict me I have found myself in places I would not have pictured before. As I am pursuing God there are several things that are on my heart as key to being a disciple of Christ and living a life that is following the word of God. These things include, being the spiritual leader of my family, admonishing and encouraging others who are also pursuing Christ, and surrendering every decision to the Lord by not allowing my convenience to dictate what I choose but rather allowing the Word of God and the prompting of the Holy Spirit to guide my direction.

These things have lead me to a place where I am really recognizing the ownership I have in leading my family, and discipling those around me, my kids, those I am in community with and seeking out others to lead to Christ. As part of this pursuit I have realized that the more I dive into Scripture the more I have to learn. There are so many great books and study guides out there, podcasts, sermons and other inputs to learn more and more about the Bible from, however, I have really been feeling challenged to engage in something more formal. Formal training in biblical exposition that will equip me to better encourage and admonish those around me, my wife, my children, and those in community around me. This might seem like a crazy idea at first, but as I mentioned earlier it seems that by surrendering decisions and plans to the Lord he often takes us places we don’t expect to go. I would have never ever picked going to seminary as a thing that I would have done, but with God at the center of my life, and my decisions being based around him I have to open the door to His plan.

When I think about going to seminary I really think about how doing God’s work is something that is going to be central to the rest of my life. I don’t see it ever going away, and if I am going to be doing God’s work I don’t really know when, how, or where he is going to call me to do His work. So in addition to feeling like He is leading me in this direction I feel that as a follower of him I have to be preparing myself to be ready to follow His calling.

Right now I am spending time investigating options, reading doctrinal statements, and looking at finances. I want to pursue what God is calling me to, but also want to be a wise steward of what He has given me. Marissa and I have been in the midst of ensuring our lives and our finances are focused on God. We are dedicated to pursuing this formal education in Biblical teaching but also dedicated to getting out of and staying out of debt. So for right now, until we have the funds and income freed up to get started, we are looking at schools, paying off debt and working on raising money to cover the cost of tuition which ranges from $14,000-$35,000.

We know and believe that God provides for all of our needs, and that he is faithful to us when we are faithful to him. Thank you for your prayers and support through this journey of faithfulness.

Darren Rice

Wow, I can say I am one proud wife! As a commitment to being faithful stewards and working to be the encourager and supporter in this journey ahead, I have decided to start to fundraise in many different ways to show that we are working hard to pursue this calling, and believe that God will be our provider and we are walking in that faith. Would you consider walking with us, in prayer support, and if you feel called help us by participating in our fundraising efforts. I plan to share and communicate openly about how we are walking on this journey, and am excited to have you walk with us! Thank you!


Marissa Rice


PODCAST – Catechism #5 – Question #5

Motivation Monday!

Welcome! We are so excited to take some time with you all today to look at what it means to bring our foundation Christian faith into our conversation and application in our households! Join us today as talk about ideas to incorporate in your week!


Join us on Wednesdays as Darren and I dive into ways to bring new ways to help “level-up” our households for God’s Glory!

December Scripture Reading – Day 23


Join us as we enter into this special season with scripture reading! Less the 3 minutes a day! Set you and your family on the right path: the path of truth!

December 23rd

Matthew 2:9-12 (ESV)

After listening to the king, they went on their way. And behold, the star that they had seen when it rose went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was.10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. 11 And going into the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh. 12 And being warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed to their own country by another way.

Scripture Reading For DECEMBER 23


December Scripture Reading – Day 22


Join us as we enter into this special season with scripture reading! Less the 3 minutes a day! Set you and your family on the right path: the path of truth!

December 22nd

Matthew 2:7-8 (ESV)

Then Herod summoned the wise men secretly and ascertained from them what time the star had appeared. And he sent them to Bethlehem, saying, “Go and search diligently for the child, and when you have found him, bring me word, that I too may come and worship him.”

Scripture Reading For DECEMBER 22